2019: ‘Be watchful of selfish politicians’

From Francis Akinnodi, Ondo
An House of Assembly candidate for the 2019 general elections under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State, Engr. Abiola Oladapo, has called on all interested Nigerians vying for political offices to showcase their credible manifestos.

The candidate to represent Ondo West Constituency II made the call at a press briefing at the weekend in Ondo city.

He urged Nigerians to watch out for candidates, who have the right characters to lead Nigeria and competent enough to “take on the fight for a progressive nation”.

He said: “We should be watchful of politicians, who always act in their selfish interests and protection reasons either to save their seats or positions, to avoid the hammer of anti-graft agencies. It happened four years ago and now we prepare for another elections.

“It is happening again, it is now like a recurring decimal. Let us not celebrate these selfish acts.

“I am using this opportunity to call on all patriots, to join in the education, sensitisation and mobilisation of the electorate to search for the desirable qualities to identify prospective candidates during elections and the need to vote for integrity.

“The ability to deliver on manifestos and campaign promises, irrespective of political affiliation is for the purpose of ensuring development and good governance.”

Oladapo tasked the prospective candidates contesting for the next year elections to focus in giving Nigerians a new people’s oriented programmes that will accommodate projected population growth and match with economic development.

“I firmly believe that a committed representation can produce a people’s oriented programmes that will improve the well- being of the people”.

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He, however, noted that It is imperative to urgently commence the task of rebuilding the dilapidated structures and attract quality project to people in Ondo West constituency 2.

“Our villages and lesser cities in the constituency are almost inaccessible due to bad road networks that make it impossible for farm produce to be brought to the city for economic emancipation and of the bad reputation we have earned in recent years and restore good representation to the people through accessibility.

He pledged his selflessness service to his constituents and assured to resume the march to break the yoke of ignorance and liberate them from ill-health and other limitations that restrain them from achieving their potentials.

Oladapo last week emerged the candidate of the party through the party’s primary election held in Ondo city.

2019: ‘Be watchful of selfish politicians’

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2019: ‘Be watchful of selfish politicians’

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