2019: Of predilections and predictions

By Bayo Fasunwon
The year 2018 has ended. Congratulations to you for making it this far and I am also persuaded that you will make it beyond today. The year 2019 has rolled in, and the rat race has begun all over again. However, of all global activities slated for this virgin year, Nigeria’s election takes the centre stage. The build-up to the forthcoming elections has been very interesting. There have been coalitions and defections; quizzes and debates; deformation and reformation of character; presentation of facts, truths and lies. The media war had increased, such that words have been inserted in silent mouths, intentions have been manufactured for careful speakers, and actions have been misinterpreted. All is just to determine who gets what, when and how in 2019.

It is seen as a straight battle between a retired custom officer and a retired army general (I wonder, where the bloody civilians are?). A battle between two Fulanis; one a Cow Fulani, and the other, a Town Fulani. A struggle between a dogged fighter, who kept fighting until he won; and another who wishes to share the same testimony of the former. It is a struggle between Buhari and Atiku on the platforms of a party which promised Change and a party which begged for forgiveness for allowing the free looting of the nation’s commonwealth. Each party is trying to generate a hatred for the other in the minds of disillusioned Nigerians, whose prayer remains “give us our daily bread,” since independence.

The Buhari administration had blessed Nigeria(ns) with railway lines, recovered stolen wealth, given the youth N-power, visited the traders with palliatives, and given the farmers political and economic voices in the nation. The question President Buhari would ask is why he may be hated by some despite his love and accomplishments for Nigeria. In clear terms, his administration had not fared well in the security of lives and properties in many parts in the country, especially where the marauders were perceived as being his relatives. The murderous actions of herdsmen and the unbridled and unpunished declarations by the Myetti Allah was a terrible dent on the regime’s performance. Coupled to this was the President’s perceived penchant of disregarding the Federal Character principles in his appointments (especially about security personnel) in Nigeria.

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In addition, President Muhammadu Buhari has been accused of being too slow in the discharge of his duties. He has been too slow concerning the release of Leah Sharibu, too slow in signing electoral bill, too slow in implementing minimum wage, too slow in responding to the killings in Benue and other parts of the country and even too slow in getting convictions for corrupt public office holders. However, the President and members of his party would want Nigerians to replace “too slow” with “too meticulous.”

Perhaps the major sin of President Buhari’s administration is his perceived neglect of the political elites in the country. There are insinuations that the President had blocked the (il)legal sources of incomes to the political class. The introduction of the Treasury Single Account and the unmerciful implementation of the BVN has brought many tears to many professional politicians whose funds and business centers have been badly affected. Beyond these, the acceptance of the direct primaries by the President, that stripped the political godfathers of their hold on the delegates, thereby sentencing the latter to penury seems to be the straw that broke the Camel’s back. President Muhammadu Buhari seemed disloyal to the Hyenas and Vultures that brought him to power.

If anything in the APC is to go by, loyalty carries more value than achievements. Ask Ambode in Lagos. In view of the misgivings against President Buhari, the electorate is pondering whether the Leopard can change its spots.

The PDP has searched for an opponent with the economic strength, intellect, and acceptance to match the retired General’s resume, and had found Abubakar Atiku. However, the immediate boss of their candidate had denigrated the integrity of their merchandise is a book of many volumes. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, up until now had tactically dodged his open endorsement of Atiku for the position of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Rather, he has openly declared that he does not want Buhari in Aso Rock in 2019. Supporters of Atiku have however interpreted his hatred for Buhari’s second term agenda as an endorsement for their boss. At least, Atiku is the political adversary of Buhari just as Obasanjo is. Therefore, the enemy of my enemy is therefore my friend. However, if the letter writer is well known, that phrase is nothing but a mirage. The major setback Atiku has is the perception by many of his penchant for corruption. The call from several quarters that he should visit the United States of America, where he is purportedly wanted on corruption related issues keeps on vibrating on the airwaves. If the PDP has been exposed for being corrupt, and they have apologised for their misrule, the question on the minds of the electorate borders on trusting a cat to protect roasted meat.

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However, in 2019, many Nigerians, given their spiritual connectivity, would want to hear the predictions of Seers concerning the virgin year. Many would have gone to the mountains, hills and oceans to hear what life would be in 2019, and so many are researching on the internet. Let me guide you through 2019, with my predictions (not prophecies), based on meditation and observation.

In 2019, the nation would start witnessing some economic cycles of low, high, low, and high. Towards March, economic pangs would hit the nation, and may not subside until around June. However, by July, one expects the economy to pick for a while. At that period, the nation should learn how to conserve funds rather than embark on extravagant lifestyle, because the economic downturn will still rear its head around October. At least three elder statesmen would bid the nation farewell and their departure would be months apart. Many Nigeria youths would heave a sigh of relief, as the embargo on employment would be lifted.

Labour would be involved in a series of conflicts with their employers in the public and private sector. A sitting Governor would also lose his seat in 2019.

Security issues would escalate. Boko haram would become bolder, until the Federal Government takes a decisive action that would pitch it against Amnesty International and the Red Cross due to collateral damages.

The arms depot of marauders would be discovered, and many more arms and ammunitions would be confiscated. In the scientific world, a new mineral would be discovered that would bring about great revolutions in Science. The joy of it however is that Nigeria would possess this mineral resource in large quantities. The sad thing about this discovery however, is that Nigeria would become a target of recolonisation.

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In the realm of politics, many vocal voices would be silenced and campaigns would take a new dimension than has been witnessed in Nigeria. The airport would be busy with Nigerians who have come home purposely to vote. On the election results, there would be mixed reactions. Many of those in the national and state legislative houses would not be returned. Nigeria, by the outcome of the elections would be leaning towards a one party state. However, the Presidential election would be hilarious. It would be well fought, but the waster parties would have many votes that would make the Lion retain its position in the jungle. After that, there would be exodus of many beasts from the forest.

In the academic sector, there would be arrests and intimidations; brain drain may occur; but after concerted efforts, the academia would laugh, and the students would boast of being at par with the rest of the world in knowledge. The year 2019 would require strong faith and decisive but calculated actions.

Happy New Year!

2019: Of predilections and predictions

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2019: Of predilections and predictions

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