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2023: Avoid inter-party squabbles, parties cautioned

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo


A public affairs analyst, Mr Ben Adedeji, has urged political parties to close ranks and continue to work together in the interest of the public.
Mr Adedeji who stated this in a telephone interview with The Hope, cautioned political parties to avoid inter-party squabbles that can shatter their chances at the 2023 general elections.
He pleaded with the leaders of political parties to learn how to be tolerant, and organise their members with a view to achieving a common political goal.
He urged politicians to be truthful in their promises to the masses as this builds a strong pillar of trust among the people.
“Political parties should let internal democracy take effective roots in their activities. Members should join hands in cooperation to their respective parties for electoral victories.”
“The aspirants to political offices should not shed blood because of their aims, they should not be desperate as those who are desperate would do anything to get to posts.”
“Decent, experienced, and people of integrity should be allowed to carry the flags of political parties, not dishonest, scumbags that are only interested in looting public funds,” he advised.


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