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2023 elections: ‘Don’t vote for desperate politicians’

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo

A public affairs Analyst, Dr Dare Olawuyi, has urged Nigerians to avoid voting desperate politicians, come 2023 elections.
Olawuyi who made the remark in an interview with The Hope at the weekend, advised the people to vote for credible leaders who would care for their needs, as well as provide social amenities for them.
He expressed disappointment over the desperation of some politicians at the just concluded gubernatorial election in Ondo state, who were jumping from one party to another and fueling violence before the elections .
“We should not vote for any bad behaved and desperate politician who would want to jeopardise the country by trying to get to power with force. The desperation that occurred should teach us a lesson to be wary of such politicians, who are only interested in their pockets.
“Nigerians should be wary of jobless people who decide to engage in politics so as to eat and earn millions, and not to help the masses, such should not be allowed to gain access to the exalted seats,”he opined.
He maintained that leading Nigeria is a sacrifice and not for the hungry or desperate ones, advising Nigerians to beware of vote buying which is one of the crafty means of winning by the desperate ones.
He also admonished politicians not to see politics as a do- or-die affair, but see it as a contribution to the development of the society, which can be done without being a politician
“Not everyone should expect to at one time or the other, become leaders, it is impossible. Some of these people can actually do something tangible in the society, it does not matter they all get to position of leadership. They should know that only God places a person in a post, therefore they do not need to engage in blood shedding,” he advised.

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