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2023: Vote for candidate with better manifesto, CSO urges

By Jubril Bada


The Civil Society Organisation, CSO, under the aegis of  Restoration of Dignity of Womanhood (ROTDOW) has urged the electorate to consider the candidate with the best manifestoe capable of rescuing Nigeria from its problems.

The advice came as the campaign for 2023 general elections is about to commence.

The Chief Executive Officer of the CSO, , Mrs. Omolona Olabisi in an interview with The Hope urged the electorate to demand for the manifestoes of presidential candidates of political parties to know their plans for Nigerians and the country in general.

According to her, there is the need for comparison of manifestoes of presidential candidates to know which will make meaningful impacts on the country and bring lasting solution to the problems facing the country.

Olabisi, who said that the campaigns for the election by candidates must be issue based that will benefit populace tasked all the presidential candidates to take their campaigns to the grassroots and every nooks and crannies of the country.

“Nigerians must compare their manifestoes and to know what they have for them and the country at large.

“We want a leader that will bail us out of the problem we are facing as a nation. she declared

The CEO disclosed that the organisation has been going round enlightening voters and supporters  of politicians on the need to know the importance of their votes for national development to elect good leaders that will deliver on their campaign promises and not allow themselves to be used as political thugs.

She added that “we will let them know that they don’t need to fight or kill themselves because of any politician.

“It is our responsibility as an organisation to go out to communities, schools, religious places and educate students, children and people not to allow themselves to be vulnerable during campaign”


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