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21st NSF: Ondo ‘II focus on area of strength -OSSC GM

Femi Atolagbe

T  he General Manager, Ondo State Sports Council, Mr Henry Babatunde, has said that the state would focus more on its areas of strength to achieve a successful outing at the National Sports Festival.

The 21st edition of the NSF will hold from Nov. 28 to Dec. 10 in Asaba, Delta State.

The general manager, who said the state was going to the competition with 129 athletes and would participate in 20 sports, listed some of the sports which the state had comparative advantage as; Wrestling, Table Tennis,Judo, Swimming and Taekwondo.

He said that the state was not just going to the festival to participate, but with strategy and plan to ensure the improved on their last performance.

“We are looking at the areas of our strengths, we are looking at the Wrestling, Table Tennis, Judo, Kick-Boxing, Taekwondo, Swimming. we are very hopeful at this time that we are going to do well.

” We are going with 20 sports with 129 athletes and what we have now is more than what we had in the last festival. So this time around, Ondo state is very much hopeful that we are going to do well at the games,” he said.

The general manager also boasted that the state would would not win anything less than eight gold medals in the game of swimming to boost the state chances ending well on the medal’s table by the end of the sports festival.

“When I came on board we met a bad swimming pool and that has always demoralised our swimmers but to the glory of God now, we have been able to bring back the swimming pool.

“We are very hopeful that anything that has to do with aquatic this time around we are going to have medals and I can beat my chest that we cannot have less than 8 gold in aquatic sport as far as this games is concern,” he said.

“When we have game like this, what we normally go for is what we call open camping. Open camping is what it has to do with athletes coming from their various homes to have training in the morning and afternoon and after that we go for close camping.

“So if you go round now, you will see our athletes and coaches doing training, some have completed their training while some are still doing their training.

“We have prepared and we are very hopeful that we are going to do well at this game because the level of preparedness is very high which will determine what we are going to get. We have qualified coaches and athletes on ground,” he said.


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