AAUA students invent AI wardrobe, pump controller

By Emmanuel Oluwadola


Some graduates of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko have developed an Artificial Intelligence, AI, wardrobe and Micro-automatic Water-level Controller.

The students urged the state government to set up a facility for the production of basic electronics components.

Olatunde Taiwo and Odusanwo Oluwafemi developed Micro-automatic Water-level Controller, while Promise Ijalade, Aslem Emmanuel and Ogonifoluwa Paul all from the department of Physics and developed the AI wardrobe.

They also urged the government to establish research centres in each university where students can have sound practical knowledge of electronics components and how they operate.

Speaking with The Hope, to the inventors, when the in-built sensor detects the decrease in water level, it sends a signal to the microcontroller, while the microcontroller processes and sends a control signal to the NPN translator which switches it on.

They further added that when the water level reaches the desired level, the sensor detects the increase in water level and sends a signal to the microcontroller to turn off the NPN transistor to halt the flow of current to the relay while the pump is put off.

For the AI wardrobe, the inventors with the approval and supervision of their lecturer, Mr Jelili Adedeji, they built the AI wardrobe which only grants access to the users or registered persons while securing their data and belongings.

According to them, the rechargeable AI wardrobe was developed to make life easier at home with the computerized wardrobe appliance aside other features such as two USB ports to charge phones, a lock timer and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards.

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“The wardrobe is built with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system and the AI system has two devices,” Promise, one of them said, “the Facial Recognition System device, mounted at the top front and the Digital Lock System, used for saving below. The facial recognition system is the Artificial Intelligence system used to scan the user’s face.”

The project supervisor, Mr Adedeji noted that the idea was initiated due to the high level of unemployment among graduates, to make them self-reliant.

He urged the school management to approach the government for assistance with the production of large quantities.

AAUA students invent AI wardrobe, pump controller

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AAUA students invent AI wardrobe, pump controller

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