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Abayomi laments religious roles on governance

By Mary Agidi
An All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain in Ondo state, Dr. Tunji Abayomi has lamented the merchandising of the religious affairs in Nigeria which are expected to help in the achievement of good governance in any given society.

Abayomi who spoke with The Hope in a telephone interview while commenting on the role of religion in politics and good governance said religion is expected to purify the society and help people get good governance but has rather been polluted with the love of money and has deviated from speaking the truth.

“What is expected is that religion will help people to get good governance, but unfortunately in our Nation, religious affairs have been merchandise and the  sacred road to purify the society has been diluted, that is why the same neurosis that beset the society is also evident to religion in our Nation.

Reacting on the imposition of candidates during the party primaries, Abayomi said such act is contrary to the norms of democracy.

 “It is contrary to the Constitution of Nigeria, the Constitution says a candidate can only emerge from primary election, if you look at Section 20 of the same Constitution, it defines the kind of primary election that is possible.

“The effect of that is that no candidate is expected to be imposed, and the whole idea is to enable the people to elect their leaders, if a candidate can only emerge from primary election that means that he can only come from the people.

“The idea of any one imposing a candidate is not only contrary to the norms of democracy, it is also contrary to the law and Constitution defining that is applicable to political parties.

He however described monetisation of votes as a symptom of poverty in Nigeria, noting that electorates sell their votes because they are being impoverished.

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