The Hope Newspaper

Owena Press Limited (OPL), publisher of The Hope Newspaper is a governmental newspaper organization which was established in the year 1989 under the leadership of Navy Captain Olabode George, the then state Governor with the aim of meeting a felt need among the community of Ondo State not addressed by newspapers based outside the state.

Located at Reuben Fasoranti way, Ijapo, Akure, Owena News is a modest venture and contribution by the government because private investors in the state do not consider investment in newspapers attractive enough.

Having the mandate to serve the people of the state and beyond, government saw the need for a viable and credible newspaper based in the state to serve the people and because private investors in the state do not consider investment in newspapers attractive enough.

The organization is not a government propaganda organ, but a public forum to conduct civilised debate within the law on public affairs and to which the government and the governed have access. Owena news was then established with the purpose of opening up 0ndo State to the outside world.

After discovering that less than one per cent of the natural and human resources of the state were known to the indigenes, then, the government thought it necessary to woodland entrepreneurs, industrialists to the state to boost the standard of living and pump money into the state’s local economy”.

Owena Press Limited which is not an extension of the state Ministry of Information as at the time of establishment was a daily publication, producing newspapers for the populace but currently, the organisation produces her publications three times in a week which includes: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively. The main reason for the reduction in the production days is due to insufficient funding of the organization by the current state government.

Owena Press Limited also publishes news stories online for online readers both home and abroad. Currently, the organisation is being head by Sir Ademola Adetula, the Editor-in-Chief.

VISION STATEMENT: To raise the information level of the community and its awareness and project the potentials of the state to the world beyond the state. To highlight the economic potentials of the state so as to attract industrialists and entrepreneurs to assist in widening its industrial base.

MISSION STATEMENT: To keep the citizens abreast and exposed to information and opportunities that exist around them.


There are various departments at Owena Press Limited taking adequate care and operations of a variety of tasks. Each department has a specified function with several staff taking care of each function.

The various departments are:

Editorial Department

Advertising Department

Circulation Department

Printing Department

Administrative Department

Stores Department

IT Department