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Accesorise your outfit with chic wallets

Accesorise your outfit with chic wallets

By Kolawole Bamidele

According to Cambridge English dictionary, wallet is a small folding case for carrying paper money,credit cards and other flat objects, that can be carried in a pocket and is used especially by men. It is often flat and made of leather.

Wallet is to Guys what handbag and purse is to ladies. One will hardly see any lady without handbag or purse in their hands no  matter how casual they dress but come to guys , some only think of their wallet when going for an event or ocassion so that they can put the money they want to spend inside it. Some only remember theirs on Sunday or Friday while going to worship place. Many don’t even use it at all, believing they have pocket in their trousers to serve the purpose.

No! That is ignorance, unfashionable and uncivilised. Your pocket is meant to keep your handkerchief, pen and phone while your wallet is meant to house your money, your identity card,  your ATM card, your business card and some other portable and essential documents.

When it comes to the fashion World, the purpose of wallet can not be over emphasize. In fact, it is one of the most essential fashion ingredients that men must not be in issolation from just like how ladies cherish their hand bags and purse also how  guys must carry their wallet.

Finding, has shown that some Men do not use wallet simply because they sees it as load. However Fashion en vogue brings you reasons why Men must embrace Wallet. Here are the major usefulness and contribution of wallet to Guys fashion sense that makes it an essential fashion ingredients Men must not joke with.

Wallet is fashionable because It is of various styles, sizes and materials with a touch of design and artistic inscription.

Wallet helps to complement one’s outfit , Most people love making a fashion statement from how they dress or the kind of accessories they put on. Wallets can make you appear more fashionable, Brown leather wallets always look appealing while the black colour matches outfit of different colours. You will also come across some designer wallets that can act as an excellent complement for your attire

Wallet also aids safety as it helps to keep someone’s vita documents very save and in good condition. The fact that it houses all essential credentials is also an advantage for those who are of the habit of rushing to work ,You may drop your cards or money when trying to get other things out of your pocket and lost an important asset at the point without your knowledge. Having a wallet will reduce this. The chances of getting pickpocketed will also be minimal and the risk of losing Vital documents or information is very low as well.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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