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‘Afenifere wrong to support any party’

By Fatima Muraina
An APC chieftain, Chief Olu Adegboro has condemned the leadership of Afenifere for openly flirting and canvassing support for the People’s Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Chief Olu Adegboro showed dissatisfaction about their action while speaking in an interview with The Hope in Akure, Ondo state.

He described the group’s action as trying to be a little self centered in spite of the respect he said he has for the leaders.

His words: “When Jonathan was in power and he was not doing anything concrete in respect of restructuring they were supporting Jonathan”

“Jonathan set up a committee at the national level to review the Constitution. Throughout the time he did not implement the recommendation of the committee and our leaders were supporting”.

“The problem with our leaders, if they want to be honest, is not that they see restructuring as a major agenda for them because they see the new leadership of APC headed by Tinubu and some other leaders as a threat to their traditional political leadership”, he expressed.

Adegboro who reflected Chief Bola Ige being the first solid foundation leadership of Afenifere will not allow any matter like restructuring to make him relate with the ruling party.

“He will find a very diplomatic manner to continue to associate with the progressives”, he said.

He said nany of the progressives in the South West made up their minds to form a political part so that they could contests when they realised that Obasanjo was trying to use Akinfenwa to distabilise AD.

“That was why some of us started travelling round the country to prepare for the formation of ACU, AC, e.t.c. All of us in AC today are products of progressive politics of the South West”, he disclosed.

According to him, they know that Buhari is very tough, he is not the type of person that can be exploited that is why they are now paying attention to restructuring.

He declared that APC is going to restructure but will do it in a way that it will not affect the survival of Nigeria which is the priority.

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