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Agbada, Babariga extravaganza

By Evelyn Omotoye
Although, agbada has been an age long traditional attire for a typical African man, mostly Yorubas, it was sometimes regarded as old men things or an outfit for a  ceremonious event.

Nowadays, after the fashion revolution, agbada has gained so much popularity that almost all tribes, both old and young embrace it as a must-have to flaunt their swags.

For several events, (definitely informal) ranging from a mini birthday party to a big wedding or coronation ceremony, there are varieties of designs, sizes and styles of agbada that are amazingly cute if the correct fabric is chosen for it.

In fact, for the sake of promoting the proudly African culture, complete exotic agbada outfit with a matching traditional cap and correct footwear is the boom! Especially when you are the ‘oga at the top’, you are good to go at any formal outing.

For the celebrant, it is a perfect selection to show off. If you are the only one wearing agbada, be sure every other guests at the event would easily recognize you as the chief celebrant of the day, even a stranger need not be told.

But then, choose nice cool masculine colour that best suit your skin and the occasion. Plain white, black, cream, navy/royal blue fabrics and more are very okay. You can go for a mix of fabrics or colour combo. You can as well use a patterned/flowery material to tape-in the sleeve edge.

Also check out a sizeable agbada going by your physic, so that you would not appear too busy and loose confidence in your outlook. You need a trendy designer to get you the latest charming agbada style to get ‘roll in the aisles’.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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