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‘Agro business money spinning’

By Fatima Muraina

Agricultural related business has been described as a vital source of generating earning a living for any prospective business individual.
An Agronomists and who is a Chief Lecturer at the Federal College of Agriculture, Akure (FECA), Dr Emmanuel Moyin-Jesu disclosed this in a chat with The Hope in Akure, the Ondo state capital.
He advised people to venture into agro business confirming that it is capable to increase the Internally generation of Revenue of any prospective business investor.
Moyin-Jesus said the agro-business established by the college has made significant improvement in the revenue generated by the institution which has assisted the college to meet it’s challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 period.
He said the school engages in some marketing outlets like the agro shop active in the sale of cassava stem, agro chemicals and some processed food like cassava flour and eggs among many others.
According to him, the shop performs a two way role, where people also bring in there produce which they help them sell and as well performing a consultancy services including training people to take agriculture as a source of employment rather than looking for white collar jobs which are not available.
“Our Entrepreneurship center has trained over 10,000 youths in different agricultural related matters to bring up young agro entrepreneurs”
“Post COVID-19 experience will give more challenges and we have to build more capacity and bring more of stimulus packages”, he said.
He advised politicians to make agriculture their constituency projects in training more people and that the private sector should also invest more on the people to curb post COVID-19 challenges of food scarcity.

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