Aiyedatiwa and the primary election: Matters arising

By Williams Olu-Aderounmu

Generally speaking, an election is a formal choice by vote of a person for a political office or other position. The candidate who gets the highest number of votes in the Primary election goes on to run in the general election. That is well accepted and attracts no controversy.

The primary election through direct mode was held last Saturday, April 20, 2024 under the supervision of the APC. Going by the Electoral Act of 2022, party primary must be conducted not later than 180 days to the general election as a matter of law.

While the primaries may have seen us divided into various factions, it is paramount that we prioritize dialogue and cooperation, regardless of our previous allegiances and loyalties and consolidate behind the winner of the primary election.

According to many observers, the primary election that produced the candidate was conducted in line with the provisions of the law. Some Senior Advocates of Nigeria have opined that Aiyedatiwa’s victory satisfied electoral laws and party constitution and urged Jimoh Ibrahim and Olusola Oke to congratulate the winner who has also been congratulated by the President and National Chairman of the party.

I believe for the first time since the days of papa Adekunle Ajasin that the good people of Ondo State massively turned out with more than sixty percent of total votes for purposeful leadership under H. E. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa. Women are singing O’dirorun, traditional rulers are openly chanting O’datiwa in such a resonating manner that could deafen one’s eardrum. The spirit is high and the time has been set as noted by Sunday Olugbenga Abire and millions of Joyful Ondo State indigenes.

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It is noteworthy to openly say that Aiyedatiwa glaringly won the election because of his humility, hard work, enviable leadership strides and more importantly, landmark achievements in infrastructural development, civil servants and pensioners’ welfare, and his intervention in critical sectors like Education, Agriculture, Security, health care and enviable leadership traits.

Therefore, nobody who has the interest of Ondo State at heart should be pissed off over the result of the primary election which gave the Governor victory in 16 out of 18 Local Governments in the state and with huge wide margins.

Elections are meant to be lost and won and if you really love your party and state, you wait for another opportunity.

I don’t know of any candidate who worked harder before the primary than the Governor, who in spite of being a sitting Governor, travelled to all the nooks and comers of the State, called meetings of party faithful irrespective of affiliations and gave everybody a level playing ground.

Artisans, market women, butchers, clerics, students and over 240 groups/associations were interacted with by the Governor.

Most of the contestants merely went on social media, television stations to air their programmes, for the state and some did not even have posters.

You cannot win elections by pontificating on your achievements and the number of degrees you have without physically going out many times as possible to engage the people through dialogues and exchange of ideas to know their feelings and problems. Even if the primary election is conducted again, Aiyedatiwa will win with wide margins because of his popularity.

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Undoubtedly, Lucky Aiyedatiwa’s victory will revitalize Ondo State and propel it towards a very bright future. His Commitment to inclusive governance, infrastructural development, education, health care, agriculture and transparency shall transform the lives of Ondo state people like Papa Michael Adekunle Ajasin of blessed memory did in those glorious days of the state.

I appeal to other contestants to place the interest of the State above personal interests.

Prof. William Olu-Aderounmu (Aborigin UPN, AD, ACN and APC) writes from Akure

Aiyedatiwa and the primary election: Matters arising

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Aiyedatiwa and the primary election: Matters arising

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