Aiyedatiwa extends Christmas wishes to Ondo State residents

By Adedotun Ajayi

In a heartfelt message resonating with the spirit of the season, Acting Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa urged the people of Ondo State to embrace the essence of Christmas, a time for reflection, love, and peace.

Highlighting the significance of the season, he emphasized the birth of Jesus Christ as a divine gift, symbolizing forgiveness and love for humanity.

“This Christmas is marked by the birth of our Lord Jesus, a gift from God that brought forgiveness of sins to the world,” stated the Acting Governor, underscoring the profound significance of love and forgiveness associated with this festive period.

In a call for communal harmony, he encouraged the populace to embody the values of peace and love, emphasizing that the true essence of Christmas lies in these virtues. “Have you exchanged gifts with someone? Have you shown love to someone?” he asked, prioritizing that the act of giving and expressing love transcends material value, focusing instead on the sincerity and compassion of the heart.

“The size or cost of the gift matters not; it’s about the intention, the configuration of the heart which is ready to give, ready to care,” he passionately conveyed, urging everyone to embrace the peace that characterizes the season.

Expressing warm wishes for the festive season, Acting Governor Aiyedatiwa extended his heartfelt “Merry Christmas” and an early “Happy New Year,” while invoking blessings upon the nation of Nigeria and the radiant state of Ondo. “God bless our nation Nigeria, God bless our Sunshine Ondo State, and God bless you all,” he concluded, enveloping the state’s residents with his heartfelt wishes for joy, peace, and prosperity.

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Aiyedatiwa extends Christmas wishes to Ondo State residents

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Aiyedatiwa extends Christmas wishes to Ondo State residents

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