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Akeredolu’s developmental strides in RUGIPO

Akeredolu’s developmental strides in RUGIPO

By Ayadi Josephine Olanireti
In any society, education is the to strategic development and success. Since the inception of the present administration in Ondo State led by the Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo (RUGIPO) has been experiencing a lot of tremendous development.

To call a spade a spade, what is good for the goose, as a matter of fact is also good for the gander, The polytechnic community is one of the societies that have been enjoying so many things from this administration.

Students of the institution are enjoying conducive learning environment as the state government has turned the polytechnic environment into a city. Students now enjoy electricity for at least 20 hours in a day unlike before when the school generator will only be on for five hours per day.

Also the issue of inadequate lecture rooms is gradually becoming a thing of the past as the government had begun to build more lecture rooms for learning, while some are already completed. The government had moved the part time students from Owo to Uso and changed their three years programme to two years by introducing three semesters per year.

The government has also made adequate provision of facilities for learning in the polytechnic laboratory. For example, more resources are been provided to all the departments under the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, they have enough equipment to train their students in various fields.

More so, the staff are now smiling to the bank every month unlike before when the polytechnic staff have to wait several months before they can receive their salaries.  This have also brought about so many forms of development as lecturers are now willing to work because they now receive what they work for regularly.

Similarly, there is adequate peace in and outside the school environment, as there have been recruitment of more security in the school both public and private security, unlike before when student cannot move freely as a result of cultism.

Invariably, the peaceful environment has brought to an end the incessant strikes being experienced in time past. Kudos to a good government.

Also, the school health center is not left out by the government. There have been adequate supply of drugs and other medical needs to the school health center, unlike before when students cannot complain about the school center for giving them the available drugs they have  even though it doesn’t correspond with their sickness.

Also, the governor set up proper security measures to monitor  what is going on around the polytechnic community.

It would therefore be a step in the right direction if the abandoned buildings renovation in the polytechnic are completed to standard.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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