Akeredolu’s Quit Order on Herders

THE menace of Fulani herdsmen in maiming, destruction and large scale terrorism across the length and breadth of the country is spreading like harmattan fire brimming with chaos, pain and untold hardship to many Nigerians.
ACROSS the country, many people particularly farmers have been killed and houses burnt in violent clashes between farmers and Fulani cattle herders.
ROAD travelers journey with trepidation as people are seized by Ak-47 wielding herders in a commando style reminiscent of war.
ALMOST on a daily basis, organized crime and hostage taking on major highways have become common features in which Fulani herdsmen have become a reoccurring notoriety.
IN Ondo State, the number and frequency of kidnap victims traced to Fulani herdsmen is uncountable, even though investigations have shown their culpability in mindless and lawless kidnappings and murders in Ondo State.
THE quit notice served by the State Government on herders to keep off the forest reserves and restricts grazing to authorized routes within seven days is long overdue and courageous.
WE believe that the herders have a right to settle anywhere as Nigerians but they must not abuse their welcome and hospitability shown to them by their host.
IT is unfortunate that the herders who have lived with their neighbours for years suddenly began to terrorize their hosts without provocation or discrimination and every effort to appease their sense of reasoning fell on deaf ears.
IT is therefore not difficult to subscribe to the theory that these are not the Fulani that used to live among us judging by their violent, murderous and destructive tendencies.
THE Hope commends the state government for this decisive action, though long overdue. We enjoin all state security agencies to give effect to the bold quit notice which will restore the security of lives and property to our forest reserves.
WE implore the governors of the South West to adopt the Akeredolu template to keep the region safe for our people.
THE action, we believe will prohibit the set up of terrorists’ cells in Ondo State or any part of the South West.
THE effort to rid the South West of kidnapping and terrorism is a collective responsibility of the citizens who are duty bound to cooperate with the state government to ensure that its directive is strictly complied with to the letters.
WE suggest that all Divisional Police Officers, Divisional Crime Officers, traditional rulers and community leaders in the state and those who live around the black spots in Ogbese, Uso and Akoko land be co-opted into a security network to monitor and report appropriately strange faces in their domains to top security officers.
THE forest guards who understand the topography of the state should be properly equipped, mobilized and armed to work day and night to confront and rid the state of the new menace of Fulani neo colonialism.
WE appeal to Governor Akeredolu to invest in technology particularly drone technology to help the security agencies to down the siege posed by Fulani herders.
OKADA riders should also be recruited to offer tips and useful information along notorious routes being used by the terrorists to complement the efforts of security agents.
THE state Ministry of Works should be directed to clear the bushes along major highways particularly the notorious spots where these criminals hibernate and operate without fear.
AN enforcement committee comprising Amotekun personnel, local vigilantes and hunters should be set per senatorial district reserve to ensure that the quit order is carried out to the fullest.
AS a mark of good gesture, the governor can allow a transit grazing reserve at Akunnu cattle ranch for just two weeks for smooth movement out of the state.
THE time is now when the lawlessness of Fulani herders must come to an inglorious end. We canvass the fullest support of all and sundry to checkmate the filth suffocating us to death.

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Akeredolu’s  Quit Order on Herders

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Akeredolu’s  Quit Order on Herders

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