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Always be his beautiful bride

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo
Every man loves to always see his wife as the bride he married on their wedding day. He does not want to hear the excuse that you are very busy. He wants to see you and still see the lady he married.

 Even when you have added weight and you are bombarded with ‘giant tasks’ he still want to see the  picture he had in his memory, in reality.

Some wives feel that when they are married, there is no need to make themselves look attractive to their husbands. If you think that getting married is all, then you are dreaming because keeping the husband at home is more important and more tasking.

Put in the extra effort that you put in while you were courting. Then, you like to impress him or behave well. It is time to do it more. The man is now yours so do all you can to keep him. If you are doing your best there is room for improvement.

Try to be romantic and save time to be together. You can still do this despite your busy schedule and the young kids around. It could be evening walk, cuddling to watch movie or anything you can do together. Try to stay with him after the children are in bed, do not rush to sleep because you are tired, see it as an investment in your relationship. If he is not willing or challenge you that when did all this start, tell him ‘it is starting now’. It is not too late, no matter your age to be his bride.

Spice up your  sex life. Do those little things to make it interesting. Do not allow the fire to go out in this area  even  in disagreement. Do not make it a marital obligation, this kills the excitement. Whatever you do, do it at your best. Do not have schedule for sex, just let it come. It will amaze you that the ones you do not plan for are the most rewarding. Ask each other what you want or like.

Be neat always. Your underwears  should be clean. Try to wear bra which colours similar to the pant. This creates a nice sensitivity and attraction. Wash and shave ‘everywhere’ and keep them clean. cleanliness is next to godliness, they say.

Do not go around with smelling mouth. If you are busy and want to finish tiding the house before having your bath, brush your teeth and wear a neat cloth. Keep clean hair. Wash your hair when it is dirty.

Dress like a young beautiful bride and avoid tieing wrappers always at home. Dress as if you are going out at weekends. Let him ask you where you are going. Wear something very nice and sexy, after all he is your husband.

Change your outfit sometimes. It does not have to be something expensive. It can be a lovely shirt or top, something different from what you do  wear on a regular day.  When he enters the room or kitchen, let him wonder who is standing before him. Daze him at times and make him be carried away by your looks, sometimes,  he will forget what he was about to say.

Make every meal a treat and at least once a month cook the food he loves and the way he wants it. You could cook something you do not eat often.

Send text messages at the time he least expects as you used to do before the kids came. While spending  time to chat with other people also chat with him. Try to sustain the tempo that you had from the first time the relationship started.

Study him to know what he likes or wants you to look like. If you are not sure ask him, so that you can do it right. It is good to do what he wants but it is better to do what he wants, how he wants it done. This is important because if he does not appreciate it. It  can be frustrating and discouraging.

Understand him and give him the rightful place as the head in the home. Do not make him feel less than a man. Once he starts feeling inferior there will be problems. Respecting and submitting to him is part of your quality of being his  bride.

Be up and doing in your duty at home. Be a formidable force that your husband cannot do without. You can achieve this by being a virtuous woman, who contributes greatly to the family. Be the bride that gives shoulders to her husband and others to lean on. Be an achiever who has excelled in all areas of her life that your spouse can be proud of. Be the bride that her husband can trust and depend on always.

Keep the house clean and tidy. Let your spouse be proud to bring anybody home even when he has not told you. It is worse if people are not willing  to sit on your settees for fear of sitting on urine. It is a terrible thing if your husband is afraid to bring people home for fear that the house will be an eyesore.

Despite the stress women go through in making the home a pleasant place, it is important to still remain connected to the man.  Put effort in ensuring that you are still the beautiful bride. Let your husband be willing to show you off to his friends or take you out. As  you keep your  body neat so also keep the home neat. Make yourself an home worth going to meet everyday.

By so doing, and with prayers, you can be rest assured that you will have a blissful marriage.

Always be his beautiful bride

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Always be his beautiful bride

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