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Amotekun arrest ‘Oyenusi, Anini, Osunbor’ in Ondo

By Tola Gbadamosi

Luck has dimmed for a woman and her self confessed armed robber son along with 15 others now in the net of Amotekun for sundry crimes including robbery, kidnapping, rape and ritualism.

The youngster and two of his a accomplices shocked journalists when they admitted adopting names of three notorious and executed armed robbers while on operations.

They also confessed that the mother of their colleague, Mrs. Iyabo Femi prepared charm to fortify them from arrest during their robbery escapades.

The trio with their aliases are Timilehin Femi (Anini), 16, Ojo Sunday (Oyenusi), 16 and Odeyemi Ayodele (Osunbor), 20 were smoked out from their hideouts in Akure, Ijare, Ilara and Igbara Oke by Amotekun men.

Parading the suspects at the Agency’s headquarters in Akure yesterday, the Commander of the Corps, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye said the 17 suspects were arrested at different criminal scenes in the state.

Adeleye revealed that six of the suspects were arrested for armed robbery, terrorism and money ritual related offences in various parts of the state.

He said: “One of the three juveniles (Oyenusi) was arrested last year, taken to rehabilitation centre and later released because of his age.

“His mother was arrested too because Oyenusi confessed to us that his mother has been the one preparing charms for him to prevent his arrest by security agents, adding that his mother has been benefiting from the proceeds of the crime.

“This time around, we will write to the Ministry of Justice for possible advise on what to do about them. But for their mothers who have been aiding them, they will be charged to court”.

Adeleye explained that items recovered from them included guns, bullets, phones and money.

He said they confessed to the crimes and they will be charged to court.

“We also have a group that specialises in stealing generating sets and those that kill with impunity for ritual purposes. We have rapists, armed robbers arrested in Ore with some gun cartridges after confronting Amotekun Corps.

“We also arrested a group who specialises in kidnapping juveniles left by their parents in their vehicles at Shoprite in Akure.

“We were able to find out from those arrested that sometimes, they don’t know the kidnapped victims, that they sometimes observe children inside a vehicle in public places and subsequently trail them to the gate of their houses and kidnap them for ransom”.

He advised parents not to leave their children inside their cars and possibly leave them at home, if they don’t have any role to play in public places.

Reacting, the mother of the 16 -year-old ‘Anini’, Mrs Iyabo Femi said her son was influenced by Ojo Sunday (Oyenusi).

“I never prepared concoction for him, I only went to Church where my pastor gave me soap, I took it to the river where I bathed him with it, just for him to desist from his act of criminality”.

Other suspects paraded were: Emmanuel John, Orimisan Osowe, Adetoye Femi, Kenneth Mose, Adeleye Gbanga, Oye dele, Tunde Dowole Taiwo and Mathew Freeman.

Others are Oja Timileyhin, Alademohim Tope, Timileyhin, Ojo Sunday, Kehinde Ayodele, Iyabo Femi and Matti Lowe.


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