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‘APC committed to restructuring’

By Kayode Crown
The All Progressives Congress is irrevocably committed to the restructuring of the country going by the setting up of the Committee headed by the Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir El Rufai, which went round the country receiving recommendations on how the same could be implemented.

This is the submission of a chieftain of APC and former Commissioner of Information in Ondo State, Chief Olu Adegboro, while featuring as a guest at the special interview programme of The Hope, tagged “The Platform”, last weekend.

He is however of the opinion that to tackle the issue of restructuring at this time would jeopardise other areas of governance, because of the special attention it would demand.

His words: “Our party, APC, is committed to restructuring. In fact, after the APC formed the Federal Government, there was a committee set up to look at the possibility of implementing restructuring.

“You will agree with me if you are a politician, if you have any experience, that restructuring is not something that can be done overnight, it has to be tackled very systematically. And that is why the APC government has not been able to achieve much in that area.

“If the APC government decides to address restructuring now, all the other areas of challenges like the security, economy, corruption, will go to the background, all attention will now be focused on restructuring and that will create a lot of problems for this country.

“APC will not say we are opposed to restructuring. If we are opposed to restructuring, why set up a committee headed by El Rufai to move round and find a way of implementing it?

“APC is going to address restructuring as time goes on but it cannot be done immediately because of the problems the country is having. If we address restructuring and abandon all these problems, Nigeria will collapse, God forbid.”

Chief Adegboro also warned that the emphasis that the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, and former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, is placing on restructuring in his campaign thrust is a diversionary tactics.

He said: “So if we are campaigning towards the 2019 general election, Atiku will try, PDP will try to exploit the challenge of restructuring. Even now, Atiku is trying to exploit this restructuring issue to deceive some respectable Nigerian leaders.”

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