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APC’s Restructuring Promise

NO word is too creaky or harsh to censure the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) or express the displeasure of the electorate over the pussy footing of the party on its voluntary pre-election promise to do a restructuring of our wobbled federalism if voted into power.
SIX years down the line and despite being in the cockpit of power, the APC has yet to fulfill that sacred oath it swore to restructure the country at campaigns and on whose manifesto the party swept into victory.
LIKE all political parties jockeying for power, the APC in 2015 made several promises to sway the electorate but the one that struck the right cord especially in the southern part of the country was the promise to restructure the country. It is a common knowledge that the APC’s vigorous campaign to restructure the country contributed largely to the defeat of Goodluck Jonathan.
TO convince doubting Thomases, the party went ahead to include the vexed issue in its constitution. Article 7(iii) of the APC 2014 Constitution as amended clearly states that its aims and objectives was ‘To promote true federalism in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”
AT every forum and fora, the party spoke glowingly and convincingly that it would ensure true federalism and restructure the country to the satisfaction of secession agitators for true federalism in the country. In the bursting for votes in 2019, the party instituted the El-Rufai panel which held hearings across the six geo-political zones of the country and turned in a report.
THE Committee on January 25, 2018 in its report recommended true federalism and upward review of the revenue sharing formula in favour of states.
REGRETTABLY, since that report was turned in, prominent leaders of the APC have indulged in conspiratorial silence on the restructuring promise fueling speculations that the matter had finally been dumped as instrument of political campaign.
NO time is ripe than now for key leaders of the party to speak out on its restructure agenda otherwise Nigerians might assume that the ongoing public debate on the review of the constitution is another political gimmick to sustain the APC’s credibility and vote catching for 2023.
THE Hope is conscious of the public positions of Governors El-Rufai, Dr John Fayemi and Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, all members of the APC on the restructuring issues. We hope the silence of the party and the vociferous stance of the three governors is not an indication of the infighting within the party on the matter and perhaps responsible for the disconnect between governors, party chieftains and the presidency on the matter.
THE APC as the ruling party can help reduce the tension in the country by urgently setting in motion the necessary legal framework for devolution of power to the federating units in the country.
TODAY, our dear country is on the cliff of a fall with the six geo-political zones embroiled in unprecedented anarchy. An urgent restructuring is no doubt the elixir which might extend the life expectancy of the nation now gasping for survival.
THE APC still in power and firmly holding the levers of government is better placed to mobilize the ethnic nationalities in the country and their warlords to negotiate the terms and conditions of our federalism. APC leaders must not assume albeit erroneously that it is an act of cowardice to pander to the demands of the people. To do so is patriotic and nationalistic. This is the path of reason for APC to toe at this moment of irresolution.
A stitch in time, they say saves nine. Nigeria must be saved from perdition and one surest way is an urgent restructuring of the country and APC holds the ACE.

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