Appreciate your spouse

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo


Appreciating your spouse is an easy, modest, and exciting thing to do. Showing appreciation to each other is one of the secrets to a happy marriage; yet most married couples take it for granted.

Some couples fail to properly appreciate the things they do for one another. It can be easy to neglect to thank your spouse for everyday tasks that have become regular but, you will find out that your gratitude can modify your spouse’s view of these tasks, making them delightful especially if he or she has been feeling exhausted.

We have always acknowledged that it is the man’s responsibility to pay school fees, give food allowance, pay house rent, take the car to the mechanic,while the woman takes care of the children, keeps the house clean, cook the meals and so on.

It might interest you to know that some husbands and wives do not bother to take up these responsibilities, therefore appreciate the tasks performed by your spouse and encourage him or her to do more.

A couple that appreciates each other on a daily basis for all the little or big things eventually develops a culture of gratitude within their marriage. Appreciation in marriage goes a long way towards making one feel adored and esteemed.

You can show appreciation by dropping lovely notes of gratitude, sweet notes of thanks in his/her pockets,lunch bag, computer bag, on the dashboard of the car, car seat or any place familiar. These simple words when stumbled upon lifts one’s spirit and make daily efforts seem more worthwhile.

Other ways of showing appreciation is through little gestures, like hugging or a peck, kisses when saying hello and goodbye, good morning and good night. Show your partner that you genuinely care.

You can as well take your spouse out for lunch or dinner. A pleasant date is a considerable way to say thank you to your husband or wife for everything he or she has done. Make that time all about your spouse.

Also, buy gifts no matter how small or inexpensive, what matters is the motive behind that gesture. Buy something your spouse would like to have, then attach a little note of thanks. Maybe your husband has been admiring a watch or set of cufflinks, or maybe your wife has eyes on a cloth or shoe she has not bought for herself. This could be the perfect opportunity to get it for him or her.

You can as well prepare special dishes. A special meal that you hardly make. Let the night be amorous.

Appreciation in marriage is a key ingredient for a happy marriage. As you know, negative attitude is a bane to a successful marriage, hence the need to act positively and as well appreciate it.

Therefore, imbibe the habit of showing appreciation to your husband or wife to have a long lasting relationship

Appreciate your spouse

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Appreciate your spouse

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