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‘Artistes should adopt style that will attract audience’

‘Artistes should adopt style that will attract audience’

By kayode Olabanji
. An Akure based highlife singer, Prince Fowosele Bankole, (aka) Feb music, has said that his music career is not mainly to make money but that he derived joy when he entertained people with his songs.

Speaking with  Friday Extravaganza the artiste said that he has been singing since childhood.

Bankole, who hails from Idoani, Ose local Government,  Ondo State, said an high life singer  has to be good in all styles of music in order to put smiles on the face of their fans.

 “My brothers carried me on their shoulder to the stadium to entertain players with songs during football matches. It is a talent, that no one can beat.

“I sing both gospel Fuji and juju music, it depends on the event, I am invited to. Because in  our generation, you have to be stylish when performing, if not, no one will listen to your songs.

“I’m a music lover from my childhood, I love music very well, not knowing that I inherited it. Until I grew up to know that my mother, sister, even my grandmother sing, which I did not know at an earlier age because I did not live with them.

“That was when I knew that heritage is unbeatable.  It will always burst out in someone. And to God be the glory, I have been able to release up to two albums, titled fadusayemi and Tewogbare, and other feature albums,” he expressed.

Bankole, who further disclosed that there is money in music advised that someone must not focus on that alone so that their career will not be substituted with another thing.

According to him, some musicians are not in existence anymore, because they place money on top of their career, their expectations was to make quick money from music and when it not so, they quit music for another thing.

The artiste said that his mother was fully in support of his music career which had given him full confidence to perform without distraction  “My mother like listening to my music than any other music, he enthused”

Bankole urged upcoming artiste to take things easy and be focused. They should not compare themselves to those who have been in the music industry for long. It is a gradual process.

He noted that parents should support their children in maximising their potentials, parents support bring more confidence.

In his words “challenges in music industry can push someone to the wall but never relent, you will surely make it in life.”

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