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As We Celebrate Eid-el-Kabir

MUSLIM faithful in Nigeria on Tuesday joined other Muslims all over the world to celebrate the Eid-el-Kabir, known as the “Feast of the Sacrifice”: a festival that signifies the total submission and obedience of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to Almighty Allah.
PROPHET Ibrahim, as recorded in the Quran, took his only son, Isiak (Isaac), whom he begot at a very old age, as sacrifice to Allah. As he attempted to slaughter him on the commandment of Allah, Allah called to him saying, “You have fulfilled the dream”. Both father and son were eternally blessed for this act of submission; while Isaac was replaced with a ram, which Muslims slaughter every Eid-el-Kabir celebration. Prophet Ibrahim was left “a goodly remembrance among later generations”. Indeed, Prophet Ibrahim is remembered for good.
WHILE we greet our Muslim brothers and sisters Barka-de-Salah, we enjoin them to take a cue from the festival and exhibit the many virtues of Prophet Ibrahim. by preaching submission and obedience to the divine leader of both heaven and earth. We therefore charge all Muslims in the country and beyond, to submit totally onto the commandment and will of Allah and let His words be their guide.
AS stated in Quran 22:37, “neither their meat reaches Allah nor their blood; it is your piety that reaches Him”. This shows that the slaughtering of animals, the food, drink, nafilat and the euphoria of the celebration are not what Allah seeks in us, but our righteousness. On this note, it is important for us to live lives of virtues that will be lessons to our generations unborn.
AT a time the country battles insurgency, killings, kidnapping, robbery, economic hardship and other tribulations bedevilling it, we cannot but seek the forgiveness and mercy of Allah for divine intervention. We charge Muslim Umah to remember the country in their prayers, while they wine and dine, and also do away with any action or inaction that contributes to the downfall of the country.
THE Hope believes there is hope for the most populous black man’s nation to rise to her giant status again but this can only be achieved if the citizens live virtuous and righteous lives. Prayers without a positive change of attitude, will and behaviour will take the country nowhere. We need to engage only in acts that will ensure good lives for all and sundry and shun those that will lead to further collapse of Nigeria. This will endear lasting solutions to our problems, peaceful society and a land with flowing milk and honey.
ANOTHER major lesson of Eid-el-Kabir is cheerful giving, especially to the needy. Islam, as a religion, preaches lending helping hand to the needy and the vulnerable. This is why Zakah (alms giving) is one of the pillars of the religion. With devalued naira, high inflation, skyrocketed prices of food and other items, there is need to lend helping hands to the people around us. As we celebrate and bask in the euphoria of the festival, we should remember those that have suffered one mishap or another and give them reasons to smile on this day and after.
AS Quran 2:110 states that “…establish prayer and give Zakah, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is seeing”. In another verse, 99:7, the Quran states that “whatever good they do – never will it be removed from them. And Allah is Knowing of the righteous”. These verses and many others in the Quran have shown that the reward for good deeds done to others is eternal.
WE wish Muslim Umah in Ondo state, Nigeria and the world at large hitch-free celebration and pray for an end to the many issues troubling our land. May the peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be unto every one of us.
ON the part of leadership, public officers should imbibe the spirit and virtue of sacrifice and service which Prophet Ibrahim exhibited in his life time. A major undoing of the black race is dearth of altruistic leaders who genuinely put service to humanity above personal interest. We therefore call on holders of public office at levels to practise what they profess as both Islam and Christianity which most of our leaders adhere to preach sacrifice and service to humanity.

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