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‘Asa’ Day ’ll inculcate values in students —NUT chair

By Kehinde Oluwatayo


The introduction of ‘Asa’ Day into academic activities of primary and secondary schools is meant to inculcate values in the students, it has been revealed.

Chairman of Nigeria Union of Teachers NUT, Ondo State chapter, Comrade Victor Amoko made the revelation during an interview with The Hope recently.

Amoko who attributed some vices being displayed by youths today to moral decadence, stressed that introduction of ‘Asa’ Day is meant to correct them.

According to him, “our culture is fading away and that is what gives rise to vices being displayed by  youths today. Most of our youths are into yahoo, ritual killings among others which were shameful things in the past.

“That is why we need to embrace our culture to correct these anomalies and as time goes on, we need to put it as part of our curriculum.

“In the past, before you do anything, you will be afraid of what your parents and the community will say. If you want to buy ordinary motorcycle, you will think twice because people in the community will ask you where you got the money from.

“But today, a 17-year-old boy who does not even have a job will buy Venza and he is being celebrated by his parents. It is because we have lost our culture and this is what ‘Asa’ day is meant to address.”

“You see, morals can not be separated from education. There is something we call acculturation. There is no how you can study within a geographical area without learning about their culture. So culture is part of education.

“If people from far away Trinidad and Tobago treasure our culture and are coming to learn it, then we who are the owners and custodians should treasure it more and think of how we can use it to transform our society,” he said.

On why mother tongue as part of culture is not embraced in teaching as done by countries like China and Russia, Amoko said that such should be expected in the nearest future, adding that separating a day to celebrate our culture is the starting point.

“Now it started with cultural dressing which is meant to address indecent dressing, while greetings which is also part of culture will address the problem of lack of respect. Some other problems will be addressed as time goes on.

He called on those who see Asa’ day as a waste of time to embrace it so that through it sanity can be brought back to our society.

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