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‘Ascertain your health status before fasting’

‘Ascertain your health status before fasting’

From Fisayo Akinduro, Osogbo
Muslims have been admonished to go for medical checkup to know their health status before fasting.

An Islamic scholar, Dr Musbarudeen Adelosoye who gave the advice in Osogbo said it is unhealthy to embark on fasting while ill.

Dr Adelosoye who highlighted fasting in the month of Ramadan as one of the important pillars of Islam said fasting is meant for those healthy, hence the need to know their health status.

The scholar said those sick during the month of Ramadan can begin their fasting after their health is restored.

“Regular checkup will enable Muslims know if they are fit for the fasting. It is not advisable to proceed on the fasting while ill.”

He charged Muslim faithful to remain pious and exhibit good deeds to people of other faiths as practised by Prophet Mohammed.

He said an exemplary life should be adopted during and after the Ramadan.

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