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Assembly update: Peace in sight- Adetimehin

|By Adekola Afolabi

Normalcy will soon return to the Ondo State House of Assembly,  the Chairman of the  State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ade Adetimehin, has said .

Adetimehin, in a telephone interview with The Hope yesterday disclosed that the party is gradually getting to the resolution of what he called “family dispute” facing the hallowed chambers.

He expressed optimism that the family dispute the House of Assembly is facing will soon become a thing of the past.

The APC chairman emphasised that in the next few days all the lawmakers will laugh and eat together again.

The House has been engulfed with leadership crisis, but Adetimehin said he did not see any crisis but little misunderstanding among the  lawmakers.

The APC Chairman described  mis-understanding in the parliament as normal, adding that it happens everywhere in the parliament across the world, saying that what is important is the ability of the party to resolve whenever there is family dispute.

He explained that the APC is still in the majority in the House with 19 lawmakers, noting that  whatever might be their dispute would be amicably resolved in no distance time.

Adetimehin cautioned members against disrespecting the party, saying that the party’s supremacy must be respected by all, no matter how highly placed.

“The party is gradually getting to the resolution of the family dispute. I will not call it crisis, it is family dispute. In the House of Assembly we have 19 members and that shows our party is in control of majority of the legislators.

“As I’m talking to you now the issue is gradually being resolved. The party will not allow any member to hold the government to ransom. The party will not allow any member to arm twist the government because it produced the government.

“We must all respect the supremacy of the party. Even the governor is under  the party, not to talk of members of the Assembly. I can tell you that even the governor is under the discipline of the party, nobody is above the party because it is the party that produced them.

“During election, what you will see on the ballot paper is party logo, party symbol, not individual names. That shows that the party has power to sanction any of its errant members.

“But I can assure you that in the next few days you will see all of them laughing and eating together. As a party, we have our normal way of resolving issues”, Adetimehin said.

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