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Awara:  Where Mountain god fights evil

By Kehinde Adejumo
Awara-Kajola, is a land where the god of the land, that lives in the mountain situated at the centre of the town fights war for the people of the community.

This was made known to Community Hope during a recent visit to the area.

During the visit, Community Hope was told that in the olden days, when there were inter-tribal wars, the mountain god would roll down stones upon the enemies.

Mr Adejube Ahmed who spoke on the power of the mountain god said if there were rumours of war that external invaders were already in the neighboring communities, the inhabitants of Awara-Kajola would run to the mountain for cover.

 “The mountain god would stay action until the last person in the community climbed the mountain top before it (god) began to roll down stones, that  crushed the unsuspecting enemies.

“The unique thing about this mountain world is that whenever an arrow is thrown on it, the mountain god  would magnetise it and also absorb it.

  “Before the  stones start to roll down on the enemies, the priest must have poured some libations and chanted some incantations.

“Immediately after, stones  from unknown places would begin to roll on the invaders”.

 Ahmed equated this with what happened in the Bible days when God of Israel sent thunder upon the  Philippines.

He said that during the era of slave trade, the slave traders  did not come to the area because if they did, they would  have  all die on the way.

 “The mountain god will stand at the four  entrances to the town  at the same time to ward off every   evil from the land.

“The people  would remain on the mountain, until the  priests receive the go ahead from the god and some  sacrifices performed, or else, the god would take them for enemies and attack them”.

 Awara-Kajola is so called because of the two rivers in the land, Oyimo river and Awara river, the rate at which the water from rivers rush led to the name” “Awara”.

The town host popular Awara Dam. Speaking about the culture of the land, Ahmed said typical to all communities in Akoko North East  Local Government area of Ondo State, Arigiya is common festival.

 He said Arigiya festival is a festival that extols the virtues of the virgins in the land, and any parent whose ward(s) participated in the festival feel elated because it is an indication of good upbringing.

During the festival, the virgins in the land come together to dance in the public square to the admiration of the onlookers. He said if any person who is not a virgin joins  them, the dancing would be abruptly brought to an end by a heavy rain and such a person will be made to appease the gods of the land by making some sacrifices for purification.

There are several communities under Awara- Kajola. They are  Ago Adedoyin,  Ago Osini and Ago Salami.  Awara-Kajola is situated in the interior part of Akoko North East. It is about  an hour’s drive to Ikare, the headquarters of Akoko North East Local Government area of Ondo State.

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