Ban on spraying naira dampens excitements at parties – Dansu Bobo

By Oluwadamilola Akinduro


An Akure-based entertainer with a band, Dansu Ayomide Samuel, popularly known as Dansu Bobo Vibes, hails from Badagry, Lagos State, and is a graduate of Computer Science. In an interview with Friday Extravaganza, he discussed the impact of the ban on money spraying in the entertainment industry. Excerpt:

How does the current ban on money spraying at parties affect your music career?

As a musician, the ban has significantly impacted my career, alongside many others, potentially reducing our income from live performances and events where money spraying was common. It now necessitates the adoption of alternative performance strategies and seeking out other revenue sources. The ban has diminished the visibility and excitement of live performances, as money spraying often contributed to the celebratory atmosphere, enhancing the audience’s experience. Hence, finding alternative methods to engage the audience and sustain excitement during performances has become imperative.

How does the worsening economic situation in the country affect your career and the music industry as a whole?

The deteriorating economic conditions in the country are already affecting my career and the music industry at large, primarily by reducing disposable income for entertainment expenses. Consequently, there are fewer ticket sales for concerts, decreased spending on music streaming services, and potentially lower demand for merchandise.

How do you rate and compare music from the 90s to the current age?

Rating and comparing music from the 90s to the present is subjective and influenced by personal preferences and cultural contexts. However, I could argue that 90s genres had a distinctive sound characterized by grunge, hip-hop, and alternative rock, whereas the current age offers a more diverse and technologically influenced musical landscape with genres like EDM, trap, and indie pop. Both eras have produced iconic artists and memorable songs, contributing uniquely to the evolution of music.

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Why is Juju music no longer as popular as it used to be, and how can it be brought back to the forefront?

The decline in the popularity of Juju music can be attributed to various factors, including changing tastes, the rise of other genres, and evolving cultural trends. To revitalize interest in Juju music, efforts could be made to modernize its sound while preserving its traditional elements. Collaborating with artists from different genres, promoting its cultural significance through education and advocacy campaigns, and supporting emerging Juju artists could help bring the genre back to prominence.


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