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Beads making and selling

By Tope Babatope
Start up cost:

N20,000-N50,000, N100,000

Estimated earning:

80% profit margin


Word of mouth, personal contact.

Why it’s a good business:

One thing about fashion in our contemporary environment , which is highly noticeable and practiced is reviving of materials, clothes and styles that had once been in vogue some years back. The only difference with the current ones in use is that there is always an improvement on the former. One of the materials for fashion is the use of beads especially during the era of our forefathers and grandmothers in different ethnic groups.

Bead is a small shaped piece of hard material pierced for threading  with others on a string. Creativity has also led to a distinct departure from what beads used to be. These days beads are made with unique looks that would bring out value.

The beads that the women and ladies wear these days are beads that are meant  for different occasions and outfits. Our investigation revealed that such occasions like wedding, funeral ceremony , dinner party , casual outing and so on call for different designs . The business of bead making does not really entail much but one must show interest. Then, how can one go into the business ?

Skills Necessary /Staff Requirements:

The person starting the business must have passion for it and be creative. The person starting it is enough to do a good job until it becomes a big outfit.

Equipment /Raw Materials:

Cutter, string hooks of various colors , silver and gold accessories, beads of different qualities, colors and types.

Start up:

Bead making is a business one can start with N20,000.Anyone going into it must have passion for the art of bead making . One must be interested and not be looking at the monetary gains at the initial stage. The equipment needed to start the business include cutter, string and hooks of different colors, silver, and gold accessories ,beads of different qualities, colors and types among others. Business start up learnt that different designs can be done as laid out by the maker’s imagination. Designs largely  depend on the kind of designs customers want. Materials for different designs could range between N1000 and N5000 or slightly more if using high quality beads.

Speaking with a bead maker in Akure, said there are some high quality coral beads costing about N10,000. Our source said even with low price, there are some gold and silver accessories which can hardly get tarnished. After procuring these materials one can make earrings and pendants with beads from the same materials. The price ranges between N5,000 and N40,000 in some cases it  was gathered that what determines the price is the quality of the product or the creative design the maker puts into the product. Talking about getting good designs, creativity is the major player, a times the type of  customers you have will dictate the quality and type of designs to provide. Our source further explained that other sources of design ideas could come from fashion magazines.

Bottom Line Advice:

The person going into the business should always think of starting moderately according to the amount at hand. You need to establish your presence within the locality, get a small shop in a good location where you can show case your business to the larger society . It’s also imperative that the bead maker does not eat the initial capital used for starting the business. There is also the need to improve  on the ones on ground through creative work.

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