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Beauty of Auto Gele

Beauty of Auto Gele

By Kolawole Bamidele
Traditional wear in Nigeria is experiencing a regeneration, as usual traditional styles can be seen as boring and outdated in present times.

Gele have been worn by Nigerian women for decades. But in recent years. It has become the ultimate fashion accessory for an owambe your slay game is directly proportionate to how well your gele is tied.

Now, we have new and innovative designs that are redefining the way this fashion is received by generations such as the Auto Gele, which is sure to elevate your slay game at your next owambe!

Auto gele is a ready made fancy gele that has been made or sown for women to wear any time they have occasions.

The gele is a part of traditional women’s wear in Nigeria, and is usually the indicator of fancy dress.

Some women can sit beside their dress mirror battling with gele for hours and most time they will get late to the event in the name of tying gele.

This made women to look for it more, as they will put on their auto gele and be ready to go for their occasions.

This takes skill however, which not too many have and it is common practice to get someone like a make up artist or a professional gele tyer- to tie your gele for you, otherwise you compromise your slay.

The invention of Auto Gele serves as a game changer, as they provide ready-to-wear geles, tied to perfection and all you need to do is fasten it at the back.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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