Beauty of beads among Nigerians

By Damilola Akinmolayan


Beads are important jewels many Nigerian women wear especially when dressed in a traditional attire. They are decorative accessories that are worn for mainly beauty and fashion.

To get inspired on the right beads to spice up your native wears, keep reading as this article will do justice to that.

However, some beads serve as protection (amulet) while others symbolise royalty. Beads give a Nigerian woman’s native attire that detailed look of completion.

Furthermore, beads aren’t for women alone; men wear beads too, although not as common as women. So if you are a man reading this, there are beads to spice up your native wears too.

Nigerian beads make a bride stand out during her traditional marriage ceremony. Many ladies pair their Aso ebi with beads to different weddings and other occasions that require native attires.

In addition, beads also go well with African fabrics such as Ankara, George wrapper, Aso Oke, lace and other native attires for both Nigerian men and women.

Beauty of beads  among Nigerians

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Beauty of beads  among Nigerians

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