Belt as an essential

By Evelyn Omotoye
Belt is as essential as any other item of men’s wear. In the real sense, belt is as important as the trousers itself in any ensemble for a formal (corporate) outfit for every jaunt.

Beyond mere fastening of belt along the waist to prevent your pants(trousers) from loosening down, using belt nowadays have become a fashion trend for men.

Choosing the right size, colour, style and buckle-type of belt suitable to complement your outfit, be it factory fitted (ready-made) or tailored native wear would pose your taste and fashion sense of judgment.

Especially in formal outings, male celebrities don’t joke with this item at all. They go for specific designer belts that would flaunt their worth and give them the confidence of being the desire of all eyes.

As much as you need to get a very good belt of high quality leather, you may need not spend a fortune on it. So, for formal or informal outings, there are different styles sizes and two major staple colours of belt: black and brown, not the only options though.

You can as well get other shade of colours ( or woven mixed colours) and types aside the usual plain, simple buckle leather belt) for more relaxed look or a causal blend.

But more importantly, your belt must have a colour match with your shoes, else the colour contrast would spoil the whole outlook show off.

Belt as an essential

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Belt as an essential

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