Buhari’s Second Term

Buhari’s Second Term

President Muhammadu Buhari who emerged winner in the 2019 Presidential Election will today be sworn in and deservingly so. We of The Hope newspaper rejoice with the incorruptible leader, selfless politician and renowned democrat. It is our wish that the second term would deliver greater, more enduring, more substantial dividends to Nigeria and her citizens. Hence we wish to draw the attention of Mr President to the fact that his war against corruption was the real strength with which he has mobilized the teeming Nigerian population behind himself. Simultaneously, the fierce biting economic recession is the greatest albatross that undermines his government.

It is strongly believed that the unnecessary delay in constituting his cabinet in the first term created a lacuna which recession opportunistically employed to sabotage the economy. Expectedly, members of the Peoples Democratic Party who continued to function in strategic locations in the new regime did so in the image of the party that had facilitated their appointments. This was also an evidence of absence of synergy between the new government and the political party that brought it to power. Whereas the new government swiftly swung to action and recorded victory against Boko Haram insurgents visibly decapitating the organisation, the ease with which Boko Haram regrouped and re-launched into massive destruction of lives and property indicates that the security architecture is either overtaken by guerilla strategies or government agencies are compromised.

THE opposing political camp has repeatedly accused the government of nepotism citing appointments of service Chiefs as skewed in favor of Mr President’s ethnic group and religious faith. His silence in the face of mass slaughter of members of host communities in Benue, Plateau and Middle Belt states generally has been fingered as major factor responsible for the failure of the All Progressives Congress in Benue, Taraba and Adamawa states.

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THERE  is now so much condemnation for his kid gloves treatment of the herdsmen that have taken over from Boko Haram in insurgency and massive lawlessness in abduction, kidnapping and mindless bloodletting.

WE of The Hope believe that he deserves to leave an imprint in the sand of times by successfully wrestling corruption to the ground for which he needs the trust, confidence and support of fellow countrymen beyond regional and religious divides.

MR  President must commence the trip to a victorious second term by putting his home in order. The various  divisive  tendencies in All Progressives Congress must be reconciled to understand, subscribe to, and pursue the progressive ideology and deliver to the people the greatest good to the greatest number.

THIS makes for synergy between the party and government. There is need to mobilize party membership in disseminating principles and objectives of the party and  Technocrats grounded in party politics would be needed to reconcile the disconnect in the process and practice of governance.

THERE  is no tenable reason to justify any form of delay in the second coming of this administration. After a four year first hand exposure to the reality of the political economy, Nigerians expect this Presidency to kick the ground running on  May 29, 2019 with patriotic expert attention to the economy. For the economy to perform, this government must address the power sector with all seriousness and patriotism. The informal sector of the economy would respond swiftly to improvement in electricity distribution. Competence and capability should override every other consideration in the quest for provision of electricity.

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AGRICULTURE deserves a better attention than the ceremonial lip service governments have always paid to this sector because of its influence on employment, health and security. Despite humongous budgetary allocations to this sector, no concomitant increase in harvest because the basic amenities are not there.

WHERE are the farmlands? Traditional authorities and community leaders are not included in the agriculture policy and so, individuals that take a plunge face great risks that often shut down their businesses. Absence of motorable rural roads with drainage discourages investments in agriculture as exemplified in the Water Basin Authorities across the land.

THERE should be transparency in implementation of government policies such that more farmers can take advantage of grants, loans and subsidies for intended purposes. A proactive approach to agriculture would bring some relief to government in addressing the issue of employment. Beyond agriculture, in the second term, Buhari government should provide necessary factors and facilitate conducive environment for prosperity and expression of the private sector.

YOUNG men and women should be motivated to start up small and medium scale enterprises. In collaboration with state governments and local councils, investors should be encouraged to show-case their projects and receive necessary support.

IN this term, President Muhammadu Buhari should completely liberalise the oil sector. Specifically, multinational corporations in the oil sector should be mandated to operate refineries. Vested interests have no doubt overwhelmed the sector and become too smart for existing official mechanism. They should be free to engage in the productive process of refinery.

A solid economy is required to make the whole difference this time around. There is a large community of young men and women all over Nigeria. Mr President should appoint from them, brilliant, competent, brightest and patriotic hands to power the economy.

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BUDGET padding, legislation buying, and sundry corrupt practices in the National Assembly have been frowned at since beginning of Buhari Presidency. This commendable attitude of the Executive must have become well known to the Parliament. Mutual understanding between the two branches of government should follow to engender a cordial relationship in the overall interest of the Nigerian nation. This second opportunity is essentially to correct past mistakes, and make things right. It should start with the Parliament.

THE executive should initiate a smooth working relationship with the National Assembly while not undermining the principle of checks and balances APC has a role to play more effectively in this dispensation by engaging technocrats to perform specialized functions. Unlike in the first term when there was no clear-cut party policy thrust, the party should drive policies that would activate the government..

AS President Muhammadu Buhari steps into office  for his second term, The Hope wishes him a  resounding success in  office.

Buhari’s Second Term

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Buhari’s Second Term

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