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Building a strong relationship 

Building a strong relationship

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo
Marriage is not entirely the end of who you are or the beginning of a new you, it is a combination of the person you have always been and who you have become now.

Everyone has a distinctive attribute they may never completely satisfy, you can be happily married and still have goals from your single life that you would want to accomplish.

However, the great thing about marriage is that not only do you have the goals you want to accomplish individually; you also have things you can accomplish together when you make the most of this unique partnership towards marital fulfilment.

Remain positive against all odds even though your marriage may have given you many reasons to feel discouraged as well as disappointed, they will eventually become chapters in your lives once you remain positive about the future.

Therefore, focus your energy on things that bring fulfilment to your life and marriage in spite of your challenges, so that you can both create a strong partnership against all odds.

Build a place of love,take good care of your home and make it your own sanctuary where you can both seek refuge from the slings and arrows of the outside world. Make it a romantic place where you can experience sanity, find continuous love, reignite and reconnect with each other every day. Make your home a place of love, peace and blessing for yourselves and your family.

Create space to inhale and exhale in your marriage as caring for yourself is just as important as caring for your spouse. Therefore, learn to give one another a breathing space. One of the elements of a great marriage is finding self fulfilment both as an individual and as a couple. Knowing that your marriage can also accommodate your own personal needs will bring a great sense of appreciation and deeper love .

Give the gift of time because nothing works in the absence of time.To sustain a good marital relationship requires deliberate and purposeful gift of time together in order to nurture intimacy in your marriage.

A woman who shuts her husband out of her life and spends time in ways that constantly exclude him cannot expect intimacy to grow in their marriage. Also,  a woman who puts the interest of herself and her children first always will likely create little or no time for intimacy. To this end,  be diligent in your commitments so that you can both devotedly enjoy intimacy together and also build a common interest in many good things too.

Keep conflicts within. Conflicts are normal in every marriage but how you deal with them can make or break your marriage. Strive more towards patience and endurance and avoid unnecessary conflicts, learn to deal with your problems like two mature adults without inviting a third party into your home.

Try to keep your marital issues away from your families and friends, especially in the first few years of your marriage, find a common ground to resolve your differences so that you can both learn to take responsibilities for your actions and reactions.

Women should always remember that they are home builders and must continue to work in this direction. Be your husband’s best friend and you will never regret doing so.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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