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Bushy Armpit: What benefit?

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo


The manner in which you appear affects the way you will be addressed or regarded by people. Presenting yourself in a neat and decent way includes taking cognisance of little details that can add or mar your value.

Ignoring the way your armpit appears can be disastrous, leaving you really embarrassed. Imagine the look on people’s faces when you have one reason or another to raise your arm in a gathering with your armpit filled with hairs. I am pretty sure it will not speak well of you and it will take a lot of courage for you to get over it.

Sometimes, you see some people trying to quickly smell their armpits before entering a gathering to ensure that it does not give an offensive odour. Why not save yourself a great deal of distress by getting the hairs off or at least trimmed and applying a nice deodorant, that will make you smell fresh always.

There is no much advantage leaving hairs on your armpit. The disadvantages however outnumber its benefits. With the level of civilization now, people will call you primitive or a conservative if you still wear a full hair on your armpit, no matter the reason you give for keeping the hair.

In this century, things are much easier to achieve with the advancement in technology. If using razor blade, which is not advisable or shaving stick, is not convenient for you,there are different creams that can be used.

It does not matter how much you can take care of this hair, you cannot keep sweat from it all day or refuse to go out in the sun because you do not want to sweat. Perspiration is part of the system of our bodies that we cannot do without, it helps cool the body temperature at intervals or when there is a change in the weather.

If you let the hairs grow long, you will discover that the colour will gradually become brown. And when this happens, it begins to give your clothes different colour at the armpit. When this continues for a long time, it starts to damage your outfits and you will need to get new clothes. I think this is more expensive than keeping your armpit clean.

However, if you decide to still wear these clothes, the reactions on people’s faces every time they come in contact with you will tell you better.

Some people believe that the hairs on the armpit should not be shaved, that if God wanted the place smooth, he would not have created hairs there, as such they let the hair grow wild. For these kind of people, it is as it they should also believe that there is also no reason why they should have their bath or take care of their bodies, therefore leaving it the way it was created by God.They believe it is a battle between nature and culture.

Some support their belief by saying God created it to help reduce friction in that area and added that it is because of civilization that people now wear sleeveless clothes that make shaving of armpit necessary. They feel that the armpit is a private part of the body that should not be exposed.

They think culture is robbing nature of its essence and as such they fight with everything within their power to preserve nature. This is not true about shaving of armpits. It is making use of  nature to our advantage as well as moulding nature to favour the society.

If everyone in the world goes about their business with bushy armpits dripping with sweat, imagine the different odours that we would all have to cope with. Due to this, I believe it is one of the reasons why the idea of shaving hair was invented.

Note that I am not saying that it is forbidden to have a hairy armpit ,but due to the advantages of shaving the armpit, it makes it better. Some people will not mind letting the hair grow, but for the way it damages their clothings they decide to shave. Take a good look at your armpit and decide which is better.

It is important to take good care of our bodies, as it can indirectly affects our relationship with others , our jobs and the wellbeing of the society. Do things that will make you happy and presentable at all times.

 The way you care for your armpit, goes a long way to tell who you are and how you will do things that can affect relationships and the society.


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