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Can you woo a man you love to marry?

By Damilola Akinmolayan


We are in the era of women empowerment, where the slogan: what a man can do, a woman can do better – rings true. We also have a lot of single women, most of whom are sitting down and waiting for guys to ask them out. It has been a common practice that a young man should propose to a lady of his choice.
While a lady may be interested in a man, most of the time, she may not approach the man. She can only communicate with the man using some body languages. Is it wrong for a lady to approach a man she is interested in? This The Hope sought some women’s views.

Motunrayo Ale

Motunrayo Ale said,”There is no nothing wrong with a woman initiating the process. Besides, women claim what a man can do, they can do even better – so, wooing is not an exception. But I think the guy should make the major moves in any scenario.
The girl can make the move to let the guy know her feelings but she should leave the runs to him, for the sake of her ego. We sometimes need a ‘push’ to see what is at the front of us. And also it depends on the guy’s mentality and perception. We all have our individual way of reasoning.
If a lady goes ahead to toast a guy she admires, it simply means the lady in question knows what she wants and went for it. The world isn’t static you know; its dynamic. Things change everyday.


Olayemi Ayoola

Miss Olayemi Ayoola said, “I can’t, am too valuable to woo a man..I might have a crush on someone which will get me attracted to him but notwithstanding, I can’t woo him because we are in Africa.. Men in Africa will have another thinking and may misunderstand the woman wooing a man unlike Americans that find no fault or big deal in it.
But we Africans don’t have that kind of mentality. The man might use the opportunity to disrespect and not value the woman..That’s the main reason, so it is not advisable in Africa



Victoria Aregbesola

Victoria Aregbesola said, ” In Nigeria, it is a terrible error for a girl to woo a guy.
Firstly, the guy won’t take the relationship serious, even if she’s so cute. The relationship will never last, because deep in the guy’s mind he will be felling like, how many guys has this lady spoken to? If she can walk up to me boldly and say all these love talk for crying out loud, guys want to be the hunters, they are in dire need of such titles. Even if is the guy that toasted you he will still maltreat you talkless of a lady toasting a guy. So if any violence should occur, that means the lady brought it upon herself. So, ladies never toast a guy if you want a true relationship.



Bunmi Adesokan

Miss Bunmi Adesokan her contribution said, “if I like him a lot, why not. Playing hard to get will create an opening for another woman. Hard to get is just a stupid defense tactic since most men don’t have much of an affection span.
” I don’t see anything wrong in you expressing your feelings, but if you keep it to yourself and die with it, you will only have yourself to blame when you see the one you cherish popping the cherry with another lady. Even God will cane you for not realizing your dreams. I have proposed to a guy before and it was quite normal to me. When you do the right thing to a matured guy that understands, he will do the right thing, which is falling in love with you.



Oyindamola Adegbite

Oyindamola Adegbite said, “No I can’t toast a guy I like I can only move close to him to become his friend. From there, I will know if he likes me or not. But it will look somehow in some settings.
It would be as if you’re throwing yourself at the boy. Personally, I feel it is alright, but some people have a different mentality about it. To them you’re throwing yourself at a guy which you might later regret just be liking the guy on a low key and he might later realise it that you want to have a relationship with him.


Adenike Adeyemo

Adenike Adeyemo said, “as for me, I can’t propose to a guy because there was a day I asked some guys how they will feel if a lady should toast them. The first person replied that he won’t respect the lady and he is going to take her as someone ‘loose’ and the second said he would jump at the opportunity. So what are we talking about. The guys should do the toasting. That’s where the respect is.

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