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‘CCC, Soldiers of Christ Parish celebrates harvest’

‘CCC, Soldiers of Christ Parish celebrates harvest’
By Kayode Olabanji

The Celestial Church Of Christ, Soldiers of Christ Parish, along Ilesa-Owo expressway, Akure, has celebrated its 14th Adult Harvest and  thanksgiving, held at the church auditorium.

While speaking at the event, the founder of the Parish, Superior Evangelist Olu- Adeyemi, said Harvest is essential to remind christians of  the last day because either  they like it or not, they shall all leave this world, give account of the things they  have done in the world, since God has given unto them what to do.

“We do this Harvest to remind ourselves that as we harvest on our farms, also the Lord is going to harvest this world. We are the plants and God expected from us good fruits. We should be ready for his rapture.

At the event, Mother Celestial Victoria Omodudu, the  Secretary-General of Celestial Women Council worldwide, said the word harvest means a lot to every living christian as it is written in the Bible, that we should observe harvest yearly. She said during the time of Abraham in the Holy Bible, God instructed the people to bring the first fruits of their labour to the church and for Him. So, that is why we celebrate it yearly in CCC, she explained.

Victory, said the Council  also came  to felicitate with Mrs Titi Adeyemi, for her appointment as the Commissioner for Women Affairs  in Ondo State. She said the Council members believe in her ability to take Ondo state women affairs forward.

The State Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs Titi Adeyemi, at the event  advised all Nigerian Mothers to take proper care of their daughters especially during this period of incessant rape cases, in order to put an end to the nemesis in the country.

  Mrs Adeyemi said it is obvious that mothers must work so as to support the family through their own sources of livelihood, like sales in the market or working in the office. But at the same time, they must keep watch on their daughters because once they are not properly cared for  they could  be in trauma for life.  So we should work against anything that can put our children, especially the female ones in lifetime trouble.

“We must work with our fathers, security agencies, government and the media to put a stop to rape. Enough is  enough, she said.

 She further expressed her excitement for being a living witness of the 14th Adult Harvest, titled “Abundance of Success, 2019” and for the people who came to rejoice with them which was an evidence that in unity they stand in christianity. “Harvest of Abundance Success, from the meaning is a real assurance that once you believe in God, many things will come to you abundantly and everybody has attested to that even during the harvest service.

” As you all know that harvest period is a period we rejoice and thank God for the good work. He has done in our lives. Christians should as well be ready, because as we celebrate harvest here on earth, so it will be in heaven when we shall be harvested according to  what we have   done,” she affirmed.


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