Challenges Before Fayemi

THE Governor-Elect of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode John Fayemi will be sworn in for the second term as the governor on October 16, 2018.

HIS second coming to government would no doubt present him with huge challenges for obvious reasons of high of public expectation and dearth of infrastructure in the state.

THE once vibrant Ikogosi Warm Spring and the Ire Bricks Industry are moribund, while most schools, both primary and secondary schools beg for attention. Most of the projects executed in his first term have been discontinued by the outgoing government while workers and pensioners salaries are not paid. The Paris Club refund meant to settle all outstanding debts have been frittered away on frivolities and mundane things.

THE debt profile of the state has risen to N117billion. This is only the known debts, while the domestic and borrowed debts still hang on the agrarian state .

THE fundamental fact is that Ekiti State’s coffers have been depleted through obnoxious decisions and policies. It will take a man of dexterity and acumen like Dr. Kayode Fayemi to unburdened the state from its present prostrate position.

EKITI State needs to be liberated from poverty and wants. The crawling state needs to receive life and walk again in glory. The pains inflicted on “Ekiti Kete’ in the last four years should be assuaged and the obnoxious policies and bad programmes put in place by the outgoing Fayose’s administration reviewed.

WE advise that most banks that have closed shops due to the harsh policies of the outgoing administration be brought back. Dr. Kayode Fayemi has the temerity and his knowledge in administration should be an added advantage in reclaiming the lost glory of Ekiti land. To reclaim the land, the sleeping state should tap its abundant resources in agriculture where it has comparative advantage. The rice producing communities of Igbemo Ekiti,Ipole, Iloro,Agbado and other communities planting rice should be re-energised.

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THE governor-elect should seek collaboration in his bid to stimulate agro-processing scheme aimed at attracting more investments into the state. The agro-business enterprises in the state must be reinvigorated, this would help to enhance agricultural productivity of small and medium scale farmers and value added chains in Ekiti.

WE call on Dr. Fayemi to hit the ground running and use his connection with the Federal Government to the advantage of the teeming youths in the state. Ekiti should take her prime status in agriculture in Nigeria after all, there is no crop planted on her rich soil that cannot grow, so he should synergise with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture in improving agricultural productivity and providing employment for the youth in the state.

FAYEMI is a familiar face in Abuja and his vast network of contacts should be exploited to unlock all doors hitherto shut on Fayose for the benefit of Ekiti Kete.

HE should synergize with the Minister of Power since power has been the bane of Ekiti State’s development.

AGAIN, the ongoing Federal Secretariat project, transmission project and other projects being executed by the Federal Government should be completed during his tenure.

THE moribund Ikogosi Warm Spring and the Ire Bricks Industry destroyed by Fayose’s administration in the last four years should be revived quickly to add to the revenue base of the state.

EDUCATION is in tatters as it has lost its glory as students of the state performed poorly in various examinations. Fayemi should pay greater attention to this sector for an investment in human capacity is an investment for life.

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THIS is no doubt a new dawn in Ekiti State, we in The Hope newspaper wish the incoming governor a triumphant breakthrough in his quest to return Ekiti to its prime status of a state of honour.

Challenges Before Fayemi

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Challenges Before Fayemi

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