Challenges Before New IGP

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari last week appointed Mr. Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, a former Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) as the nation’s new Acting Inspector General Police (IGP).  His appointment has come at a period when the nation is almost overrun by criminals and the police appear helpless.

ADAMU took over the baton of authority from the former IG, Ibrahim Idris, who bowed out of the service having clocked 60 years.

ADAMU has no doubt settled down for business. This he demonstrated following his directives decentralizing operations of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

THIS has made commissioners of police in the 36 states and the FCT assume full command and control of SARS in their respective commands.

THE police boss also announced the disbandment of the Special Investigation Panel (SIP) and Special Tactical Squad (STS) and other quasi-investigation and operation units of the force.

WE commend the IGP for decentralizing operations of SARS. We observe before now that there has been multiplication of duties in the force. For example, as the Force headquarters had SARS so also was the state having its own and thereby making their operations unwieldy and thereby bringing unwarranted clashes within the force

IT also breeds indiscipline. There were many situations whereby a junior officer refused to obey the command of his senior all because he is responsible to a boss based in Abuja. These directives would definitely instill discipline within the force.

ADAMU’s appointment has ultimately brought him to the limelight. Reason being the fact that the general elections are knocking at the door and police will have to play crucial roles for the success of the exercise.

THEREFORE, expectations are very high among Nigerians as Adamu took over the Police Force. We therefore enjoin him to take all necessary steps to ensure that the police do not compromise .

WE plead with Mr. Adamu to hit the ground running especially as the elections are few weeks away. This he can do if he quickly assembles intelligent officers that will work with him and focus on successful conduct of the elections starting next month, February.

THIS election will be a litmus test of his capabilities to prove that he is equal to the task. He must not fail in proving to Nigerians that he is not just able, but capable of making a difference from what he inherited. He needs to work in accordance with best global policing practices because that is what Nigerians would be looking out for.

AN average Nigerian perception about the Nigeria Police is an organization that bedeviled with corruption. This assertion is not untrue. From illegal check point to illegal arrest of innocent members of the public and extortion among others are nothing but the imprint of the force.

WE therefore advise he should check the notorious extortion of motorists by policemen.

THAT bail is free is just on paper. But, is it possible to bail any suspect at a police station without paying through one’s nose?

WE also want to see the abolition of frequent illegal arrests of innocent members of the public by police.

IT is quite unfortunate that police which used to be a noble job years back is now being looked with contempt.

 WE expect the new IGP to clinically embark on an in-house cleaning with the view to redeeming the battered image of the police and thereby  sanitise the Force, get rid of bad eggs, especially the corrupt officers, those politically exposed and decentralise the Force to ensure adequate security across the country.

He should also strengthen the investigative department of the Force to ensure that innocent Nigerians are not made to suffer or punished unjustifiably. We wish he discourages accidental discharge which has sent innocent people to the graves and ensure that officers that are posted out are well trained and matured enough to handle weapon.

THE new IGP must be transparent and mature in handling issues, ensure neutrality and unbiased relationship with political parties, tighten up security across the country and assist the military in intelligence gathering, nip insurgency and stamp it out completely in the country.

HE must also ensure that the ‘Bail is Free’ policy is respected and obeyed under his watch because this is another area where innocent Nigerians are being raped by the police.

  1. Adamu has promised to act according to police professional ethics and we are watching. The Hope wishes him a successful stay in office.

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