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Change of name (1)

By Funmilayo Olagunju


N ame is a basic form of human identity. There is more to Name than a social identity – name creates legal entity. Law regulates the procedure and documentation of change of name to avoid dubious multiple identities.

People change their name for religious reasons, personal preferences or Marriage. It is a common practice for Women to bear their husband’s last name after Marriage. This is a societal norm that aids ease of uniform reference and family branding.

Regardless of the reason or motivation behind a change of name, it must be properly executed and documented to avoid inconsistent and multiple identity. Gone are the days when people validly change name at will.

In the case of Titilayo Plastics Ind. Ltd v. Fagbola (2019) LPELR SC 205/2004, the Supreme Court held inter alia;

“The exact names used for professional purposes must be the same used in official capacity or else renders such document defective and not a mere misnomer”

Declaration of change of name is insufficient. You cannot change your name by merely swearing to an affidavit and publishing “change of name” in a newspaper. In this era of documentation, changing name at will without due legal compliance is risky to say the least.

This does not only apply to adult, but Children. Ensure your Children/Ward maintain the name registered on their NIN or complete the process of effecting the changes. There’s more to be done after affidavit and Newspaper publication


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