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Chanting Ile-Ife’s eulogy inspired me – Ashake Akewi

By Joshua Aderibigbe


An upcoming Eulogy praiser, Kemi Akintola, also known as Ashake Akewi, has revealed how she became a praise singer via the caller tune of her mother’s handset.
She noted that each time she dialled her mother’s phone number, she do listen to a woman voice, chanting Ile-Ife’s eulogy (Oriki), saying that it really inspired her to become a praise singer.
In an interview with Friday Extravaganza, she said that nobody taught her how to eulogise, saying that she discovered the talent and developed it through God’s help.
“I’m a type of person that loves to be praised with eulogy, I do really get overwhelmed whenever someone is hyping, me,” she enthused.
According to her, she graduated as a Mass Communication student in Osun State Polytechnic Iree.
She said, during her Students Industry Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) when her colleagues go to their various departments, she look for a cool place, practicing, reciting, searching and gathering eulogies of a different towns.
Ashake Akewi mentioned Ayilara Aremu popularly known as Ajobiewe, as her mentor, saying she learnt a lot from him, adding that he paved way for her and made eulogy easy for her.
She however, lamented COVID-19 pandemic has affected her job.
“We are all aware of how the corona virus has affected the economy globally, there is reduction in events, besides people’s rarely do event these days what matters most to them is to find a way to put food on the table for their family” she lamented.
She however advised ladies to be more careful and hardworking, noting that their career should be the first not men.
Ashake Akewi spoke on how she has full support of her parents, saying her parents are not the type of people that impose or choose a particular work or course against their children’s will, “they have been supportive, and tried their best for me to become a successful in life” she revealed.
She noted that her aim is to make them proud and make her work great, beyond anybody’s expectation.

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