By Evenly Omotoye
For most pregnant women, fashion is the least on their mind. The stress and challenges that come with pregnancy have made lots of women, even very young just wedded ladies exceptionally carefree with what they wear or how they appear in any outfit whatsoever.

They are more concerned with which outfit that would give them their desired comfort and in the process, may appear shabby, gloomy and unattractive.

Being pregnant is not a crime and should not end or put on hold your fashion life. You can still appear your best while carrying a big tommy, looking as radiant as ever and making pregnancy even more appealing to other women.

If not all the time, take advantage of those bright moments and days of your trimesters to bring out the best swags in you. Try out some free but smart and beautiful styles with unique fabrics and colour combinations, and see how charming and attractive you would be.

Even your hubby would desire you more than ever seeing you in those dressy sexy house wears and nightees. You would be his “take-out” delight if you have in your resembles sweet, classy and body fitting but comfortable wears to charm the outing.

Check out for low heeled and balance shoes/sandals/slippers and bag/purse that would go well with you dress and as well give you the desired comfort. Wear light makeup to brighten your face.

Keep your handkerchief along as you sweat often due to your status and rub powder more often to keep your face cool and beautiful. Look great, do not put all over your appearance your pregnancy itches, it will soon be over.


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