Christmas Celebration

DECEMBER 25th is the day many people will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This day better known as Christmas has been celebrated for  hundreds of years.

CHRIST, according to Christian history, was born in a manger in Bethlehem to reconcile mankind to God and save humanity from eternal damnation caused by sin. Christmas is an important festival in the Christian calendar and is celebrated all over the world with much pomp and ceremony.

IT was first observed as a holiday honouring the birth of Jesus, believed to be the saviour of mankind by early Christians  in 336 A. D.

CHRISTMAS is a feast highly important to the Christian liturgical year which usually precedes the season of Advent and welcomes the season of Christmastide. Both lasts for twelve days each, ending on the 24th of December.

IN commemorating this festival, Christians are the expected to share gifts with families, friends, the downtrodden and organise social gatherings where love would be shared.

DECORATIONS of all kinds surface during this season and Christmas trees are mounted in places like shopping centers, corporate offices, religious houses and individual homes.

THE day has become a public holiday in many nations of the world and all churches, both the orthodox and new generation ones organise services to remind mankind of the gift of Jesus Christ to the world.

BEYOND the ceremonies, the spiritual significance of the occasion should not be lost on Christians. Christ’s birth brought good tidings and also ushered in lasting peace to all men of goodwill. The season of Christmas is one of love, charity, good neighbourliness and selfless service to the people.

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IT is a period of forgiveness and reconciliation. Christ signifies humility and obedience. Even though he was a King, He accepted a lowly birth in a manger to a poor family in a remote village. He came for the sick, the unsaved and the captives, to set them free.  His Kingship is devoid of earthly riches and splendour. In Christ, all human beings are equal. Arising from this pedestal, therefore, all human beings are equal before God and the law, while Christ is for all humanity.

THEREFORE, as Christians celebrate this momentous occasion in Christendom, they should not be carried away with its merriment. They should remember the significance of the occasion and emulate the examples of Jesus Christ. Let Christians show Christ’s love to their neighbours, including members of other religious faiths this season and always.  This festive period is a time for them to remember the less privileged, the poor, the sick, the aged and the prisoners, to bring them succour.  They should learn leadership lessons from Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was a servant-leader. He laid down his life for his followers. He cared for them. He was a charismatic and selfless leader.

NIGERIA, being one of the nations of the world where christianity is dominant would on the day join their counterparts to observe Christmas this year and  it would be  an opportunity to remind christians to imbibe the lessons of Christmas.

UNFORTUNATELY, these Christ-like qualities are lacking in many of our leaders, including those who profess Christianity. Let our leaders use the occasion of the commemoration of the birth of Christ to show love to all citizens. They should do everything within their power to make life better and easier for the people. This Christmas has come at a time  things are very difficult for many of our citizens. Poverty and unemployment  have robbed many citizens of the joy of the occasion.

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MANY are not enjoying the benefits of the basic function of government, which is to ensure their welfare and security.

BECAUSE of the increase in activities, especially traveling during this season, we call for greater safety consciousness on our roads. drivers should avoid recklessness while the Federal  Road Safety Commission and security officials should discharge their responsibilities creditably. All flash points across the country should be well policed while special attention is paid to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and other parts of the country that are prone to terrorist attacks.

GENERALLY, security agents must be at full alert. They should be alive to their responsibilities. Besides, the season in the past was synonymous with fuel scarcity, we hope this will be a thing of the past this time around.

 AS we approach an election year, The Hope is of the view that the Christmas  season  be utilised to pray for the country for a peaceful poll next year.

WE believe that if we are to have credible elections in 2019, events preceding the exercise must be devoid of violence, intimidation, manipulation and all acts capable of creating tension in the nation.

LET all Nigerians join hands as the nation marches forward and takes a major step in 2019.

THE HOPE wishes all Christians and Nigerians a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019.

Christmas Celebration

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Christmas Celebration


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