Clerics decry rising rape cases

Clerics decry rising rape cases

From Jimoh Ahmed, Ikare Akoko
Clerics have condemned, in its entirety, the high rate of sexual assaults, and rape of young girls and women across the country.

According to them, sexual assaults have been alarming and consequently destroying the future of many ladies.

Speaking with The Hope, Reverend Canon Isaac Awowole of Saint John Anglican Church, Oyin Akoko said this is a monster that every Nigerian should join hands to tame.

Canon Awowole also expressed shock over the occurrence currently rocking religious altar, especially the involvement of the so called men of God.

The cleric said pastors, who are found wanting in this regard are only using the name of God to make money and perpetrate evil.

“They are using the name of God to make money and perpetrate evil. They are not preaching godly messages, they are for personal gains and worldly materials “.

He therefore called on the Federal Government to checkmate these men of God who are “wolves in sheep clothing”.

Speaking further on the involvement of pastors in the act, Canon Awowole said the pastors were not called by God but called themselves for reasons best known to them.

” These pastors have no genuine call, they are not called by God. What they work for and preach is not of God. They are of the ministry of the flesh and working for the flesh. The powers of the flesh are manifesting in their lives”.

Meanwhile, Canon Awowole has called on the federal government to register all newly established churches and upcoming ones as a way of curbing the involvement of clerics in rape and sexual assault.

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Similarly, he called on the Christian Association of Nigeria and the PFN to screen Ministers of God to fish out those who are not genuine.

On his own, Reverend Adunbiode Kehinde, the Coordinator of the Ondo/Ekiti Campus Fellowship of the Assembly of God Church said rape is the result of men’s disloyalty and disrespect to God.

According to him, we have fallen short of the glory of God as we pursue endlessly, worldly things.

“Our people are no longer obeying the commandments of God. They pursue worldly materials and run after inordinate things”.

He therefore called on Nigerians to be prayerful and return to the way of God

Clerics decry rising rape cases

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Clerics decry rising rape cases

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