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Cocoa GAP will enhance productivity- CFAN

By Fatima Muraina


Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria, CIFAN, in partnership with other stakeholders have flagged off the  free distribution of the Cocoa  Good Agronomics Practices GAP Handbook in Edo state.

The National President of Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria CFAN, comrade Adeola Adegoke at the event, said the focus is to increase Nigeria cocoa production and quality assurance of cocoa bean through the premium cocoa production .

The fous, he said also include eradication of child labour, fighting deforestation, upscale traceability and certification of cocoa supply chain, responsible pesticides application, MRLs reduction and enlightening our cocoa farmers on nature based solutions.

“Let me tag this our advocacy via the free distribution of this Cocoa GAP Handbook the production of premium cocoa as a catalyst to market the Nigerian cocoa at the international market and empower our smallholder cocoa farmers through a sustainable living income pricing that will guarantee a sustainable practices across the cocoa supply chain in Nigeria ahead of other cocoa producing countries.”

According to Adegoke, the launching of the free distribution of Cocoa GAP Handbook  across the entire cocoa producing States, marks Nigeria path to achieve 100 per cent premium cocoa production with 500,000 MT targets and sustainable practices in the cocoa supply chain in the year 2024 and the highest cocoa producer by 2027 .

He stated that the association is collaborating with Stakeholders on how to increase Cocoa & Forestry practices in order to improve our transparency across the cocoa supply chain.

He raised the need to improve the living income of smallholder cocoa farmers which  led us to the  partnership with many reputable organisations.

” The  Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, FMARD, FMITI and the National Assembly, has stressed the need for Nigeria to join Cote d’voire and Ghana in the collection of $400 Living Income Differential (LID) for the smallholder cocoa farmers of Nigeria as a matter of priority. ”

“We are happy to inform our smallholder cocoa farmers that we are moving forward on the issue of the LID being championed by CFAN in Nigeria, especially considering the FMARD, CRIN and CFAN team recent visit to Accra , Ghana


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