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Compliment govt’s efforts for a better society, elites urged

|From Jimoh Ahmed, Owo

The need for the highly placed and wealthy people in the society to complement governments’ efforts in making the society a better place to live for the common man has again been stressed.

 A Community Leader and Social Affairs commentator, Chief Adebayo Abiodun, harped on this while speaking with groups in Owo.

Chief Adebayo advocated the need by individual or groups in the society with the enough resources to collaborate with government to promote the general welfare of the people.

The community leader who was speaking on the role of wealthy people in the development of their individual community stated that by doing so, there would be peace and unity of purpose in the society.

According to him, when this is done, it opens more windows for progress and development as he said government alone cannot be saddled with all responsibilities that would make life comfortable for the people.

He stressed that without complementary efforts by wealthy people in the society, development will be stagnated or moving at a slow pace.

The social commentator however condemned the common habit of waiting till election to extend hands of assistance to the people in order to get their votes.

According to him, this is wicked and selfish and as such do not conform to the principle of being our brothers keeper.

 Describing this as unfortunate, he maintained that efforts should always be geared towards assisting the people in the area of infrastructure without any string attached.

Chief Adebayo however urged wealthy community leaders outside the shores of the Nigeria not to see their temporary separation from their communities because of greener pastures in diaspora as hindrance to giving to their communities but rather as a strong cord attaching them to their place of origin and as such should not take away determined positive plans for their people.

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