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Conspiracy must die

By Pastor Kayode Kolawole

BIBLE VERSE: “And one told David, saying, Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom. And David said, O Lord, I pray thee, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness”. 2nd Samuel 15:31.

PROLOGUE: In this narrative, five specific individuals were referred to.
The unknown informant who called the attention of David to the strategy of his enemy called Absalom. The strategy was conspiracy. Whatsoever you must know, see or hear for you to know the right prayers you must pray in the time of peace or war shall be made known to you in the mighty name of Jesus.
David, the son of Jesse, the father of Absalom and the reigning king in Israel. He was the receiver of the information.
Absalom, the bellicose son of David who determined to overthrow his father in conjunction with Ahithophel.
Ahithophel, the intelligent man who was once upon a time on the side of David who had changed to the camp of Absalom the son of David to the detriment of his father.
Above all, The Most High God, the creator of heaven and earth who is a specialist in answering those who call on him in time of peace or war.
*At this point in the life of David, help from God was needed. Instead of help, conspiracy came up from man but God gave him the information that was needed for him to overcome the conspirators.
Conspiracy Must Die. Why?
-So that you shall be able to achieve greatness in the journey of life at the right time in the right place to the glory of God.
-So that you shall be able to recognize the place of your blessings and stay there and shine in the presence of your enemies.
– So as to make it in the land where compassion of God is present for your purpose and to your own advantage.
– So as to fully demonstrate the glory of God in the divine destination where God wants you to be for all to see.
– So as to fulfill the absolute purpose of God to the glory of God and to the benefits of humanity.
– So as to be seen as instrument of encouragement to those who are passing through conspiracy in the journey of life.
– So as be able to confess to others that you have the God who is a defense for those who trust in him in all situations in life.
– So that you shall be able to make heaven at the end of your journey here on earth.
Why Are Men Conspiring Against Men?
* To prevent the good things that are coming towards fellow human beings from getting to the rightful owners.
* To bring open shame to the name of the Lord in the presence of the heathens in the lives of the victims of conspiracy.
* To make sure that all good things which others are having now which they as envious conspirators do not have depart from the owners or decay if they do not depart.
* To make sure that the punishment which the intended victims of conspiracy escaped in the past is imposed on them again with a greater level of intensity.
* To create utter confusion and darkness in the mind of the intended victim so as to compel him to go the wrong direction in the journey of life.
* To impose fear in the mind of fellow human beings in the battlefield so as to make him become a loser in a profession where he is an expert.
* To deliberately defame the character or the name of fellow human beings in the heart of possible or probable helpers who may be willing to add value to the lives of the targeted victims of conspiracy.
* To weaken the eligibility or capacity of fellow competitors in an office in order to become more relevant or suitable in the scale of unsuspecting evaluators.
Practical Facts About Conspirators
– Conspirators are diligent or prepared men, not casual actors. You too must be well equipped against conspirators.
– Conspirators usually set time and resources aside to plan and perform their enterprise.
– Conspirators usually select their team with great diligence for it’s not all men that are useful for the purpose of conspiracy.
– Conspirators are active in selecting specific places for planning and execution of conspiracy because it’s not all places on earth that may be suitable for the wickedness of their heart.
– Whenever determined conspirators are at work, it means there is a specific subject on ground which they do not want to let go.
– Conspirators can deceive unwilling men and women into their team through the use of lies or bewitched to achieve their evil intention.
– Conspirators can engage the use of diabolical weapons that are para- human in the battlefield if they discover that the intended victim is stronger than them in the battlefield.
– Conspirators can pretend as if they are still your friends if you are about to detect their evil intentions until they are able to detect your hours of weakness and unwatchfulness.
– Conspirators can decide to engage you with useless assignments that will prevent you from engaging yourself in effective prayers and spiritual watchfulness that are capable of subduing them.
{Who Are The Earthly Warriors That Can Conspire Against You}?
* Human beings who were born in the same family with you, who are envious of your astronomical progress.
* Members of your church who are living in sin who hate your attitude of holy living.
* Fellow workers in your office who are competing with you for a specific vacant position who is aware of the possibility of losing out because of your profile that is perfectly superior to theirs.
* Traders who are in the same field of business with you, who are aware of the rate of customers patronage you enjoy from time to time while their own businesses are nosediving at unstoppable and alarming rate.
* Your senior in the office who is aware of your possibility of overtaking him based on your astonishing performance on duty which is clearly known to all impartial observers.
* Fellow tenants in the residential building where you live who cannot understand the power behind the rate at which you are peacefully flourishing with your family while they are moving from battle to battle in the same location where peace of God is dwelling in your family.
Epilogue: Conspiracy is not a death sentence. It’s part of life for anybody who is making progress in the journey of life. Coming across conspirators is not abnormal but it is very abnormal for a spiritual warrior to allow conspirators to subdue him in the battlefield. When David came across conspiracy he engaged Ahithophel in absentia with the weapon of decisive prayers by calling on God.
– Anxiety is not the answer to conspiracy.
– Confusion is a wrong response to conspiracy.
– Fear cannot conquer conspiracy.
Peace conference cannot subdue conspiracy.
Aggressive prayer is the most efficient antidote to decode and silence conspiracy.
* David prayed the right prayer.
* David called on God, not man to dismantle conspiracy.
* David invited Absalom to the domain he was not familiar with and that was the end of conspiracy.
Fortunate readers, you can dictate what you want to happen in the lives of all conspirators who are not ready to see you shining in Christ and it shall be so.
As you shall raise the aggressive altar of prayer against all conspiracy that shall rise against you, your result shall be more devastating than the effects of the answers of the prayers to David in the case of Absalom.

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