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Consultant to  register 4,000 farmers

Consultant to  register 4,000 farmers

By Oluwatayo Kehinde
Consultant handling forestry mapping and registration of farmers in Ondo State forest reserves said it is scaling up and expect to register and map farmlands of close to 4,000 farmers in August and September this year .

The consultant, Mr Adewale Adegoke  while speaking with The Hope said with that over 10,000 hectares of farmlands would have been mapped.

Adegoke who said the initial mapping and registration of 1,200 farmers was the pilot phase of the exercise noted that the second one is the scale up.

According to him, whatever they were able to identify during the pilot phase was to standardise the process.

“When you register a farmer you get all his details and you go ahead to the farm. So if the farmer tells you that he has two hectares you have to validate it to be sure. If you find three hectares there you will tell him it is three hectares.

“The previous attempt was just to get the description of farmers. The farmers went to the consultant and told him. Ours is different. We have to go into the farm which is more difficult and takes time,” he explained.

 The consultant who uses technological devices to measure farm boundaries noted that he has developed forestry information management system for the state government which according to him is online.

Speaking on the level of compliance of farmers, Adegoke said they are happy and are cooperating knowing the benefit they stand to gain.

While saying though the compliance is not 100 percent, he said majority of them are happy with the exercise adding that the data derived is what government is relying to establish market linkages for them and make other provision

“Now one of the key opportunities in this aspect is that we have enough data to support the state Agribusiness processes in prediction or estimation of youths for aggregators and for offtakers and also to be able to support farmers in optimising their agricultural yield so that they can attract higher income for themselves and improvements of farmers livelihood.”

    Adegoke who said the farmers have a lot to benefit stated that the revenue being generated is statutory adding that every land owner has to pay land use charge to government.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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