‘Consuming expired products hazardous to health’

‘Consuming expired products hazardous to health’

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo
A United States of America (USA) based physician, Dr Anthony Akindolani has warned people against consuming expired products, saying it has dire health consequence.

Akinola, who is an Ondo State indigene gave the warning in a chat with The Hope.

He posited that consuming expired products affects the health because it allows the growth of micro -organisms that are dangerous to human health.

The medical practitioner maintained that if such products are consumed, it is like consuming toxic food, because the product is spoilt and it is not meant to be consumed.

He affirmed that eating expired food triggers food poisoning, while symptoms and health effects vary, depending on the type of poison.

While explaining that the common signs include cramping in the stomach, frequent vomiting, fever, dizziness, persistent diarrhea, dehydration among others, he noted that  consumption of expired products can lead to  serious bacterial infections which if not quickly treated, can result to death.

According to him,many Nigerians are not in the habit of checking products, expiry dates while those who do are doing it only for consumables.

“Checking of expiry dates on products such as cosmetics, disinfectants, toiletries, body spray and other personal care products label is not taken seriously, yet the consequences of using any expired product can result in serious complications..

“Meanwhile, expiry dates and best before dates are interchangeably  used by manufacturers. Expiry dates show the last day that is expected for a product to be used or consumed while best before date indicates that as from that date, the products freshness along with the quality is no longer guaranteed”,he stressed.

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The physician averred that we are what we consume, hence the need for people to be conscious of their health.

‘Consuming expired products hazardous to health’

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‘Consuming expired products hazardous to health’

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